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Get some designer platform storage beds
for your bedrooms

Get some designer platform storage beds for your bedrooms

Platform beds are mundane beds with   solid panels that hold the mattress without the avail of any box spring or   mattress substructure. As verbally expressed, they are mundane beds that you   probably use even now, but did not ken that they had a concrete designation.   Indeed, there are variants of beds and each of them has a categorical   designation. However, such denominations are never exclusive. For instance, a   platform bed becomes a canopy bed when it comes with four posts to hold a   canopy over it. Then again, it becomes a storage bed when it has drawers for   storage purport under it.

In all, the distinctive   feature of the platform storage beds is that such beds have raised base,   which is withal flat and hard. Many people believe they commenced as loft   bed, but gradually came proximate to the ground. However, we require not go   into that. Nonetheless, if you are not cognizant, a loft bed is kindred to   bunk bed, except that there is no lower bunk. Such an arrangement leaves   enough space under the bed for other furniture or activities.

Therefore, it stands that   platform beds are just a style of bed frame that can be altered without   altering its rudimentary feature. When you make canopy bed out of it, it   still has the raised platform frame, but just four posts and a canopy is   integrated to it. However, most of the platform beds you optically discern   around come without such frills albeit storage beds have become quite mundane   because of scarcity of space in modern dormitories and even   houses.

Did you ken that a storage   beds are withal called captain’s bed? That is because these beds were   primarily designed for use in the ship by its captain or other officers. As   you can understand, space is always short on the ships and it was more so in   the bygone era when ships were minuter and yet they had to sail for a longer   period to reach the destination. Storage beds were naturally optically   discerned as a practical and space preserving contrivance by most of the   sailors. It is not at all surprising that some of them thought of importing   the conception and have one manufactured for their home. After all, bunk beds   too must have come into the residential homes through the same process.   However, platform storage beds needs to be quite sturdy and well made. There   should be no scope for insects and pests to enter the storage area. With one   in your bedroom, you can verbally express good-bye to unorganized way of   living. These drawers will not only hold the bed linens, blankets or other   articles opportune fir