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How to clean pine flooring?

How to clean pine flooring?

Pine   flooring can accent any home beautifully. If these aren’t cared for   appropriately, then these can make your floors appear worn out and dull. Not   caring for these can result in damages to the floor. If you maintain your   pine flooring appropriately on a regular basis, then these will end up   lasting for several years making your home appear beautifully   accented.

Basic caring regiment for your pine wood   flooring

You need to carry out regular sweeping of your pine flooring with   a broom. This needs to be done more often in areas that have high traffic   such as dining room tables. You can as well create a simple cleaning solution   for cleaning your pine flooring. You can make your own cleaning solution by   mixing water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on a towel or   on a cotton rag. Mop the pine flooring with this towel or rag. When the spots   are dirty or tough, the solution can be sprayed directly on the floor and   wiped with a dry towel.    Make sure that you clean the spills   immediately with the use of a damp cloth. The spot needs to be dried   immediately after the cleaning process.

Annual maintenance

You need to make sure that you mop your pine flooring twice   annually. Make use of a new mop. Do not forget to dry the surface immediately   after the cleaning process. Pine flooring can remain looking beautiful with   regular maintenance and proper care. Your flooring would appear worn-out and   dull if you do not care for it appropriately. Preventative maintenance and   regular care can make your pine flooring appear beautiful for several   years.

Care to be exercised while cleaning pine wood   flooring

Any loose debris from the floor needs to be cleaned immediately. A   dust pan and broom needs to be used for the purpose. Move the rugs and the   furniture out of the room. This will permit you to clean the flooring   entirely. If you are planning to clean the entire floor instead of spots,   then use a mop for the cleaning purpose. Make sure that you rinse the mop   appropriately and in a frequent manner. This would remove the debris if any   from the mop. The mop needs to be wringed appropriately in order to avoid   water on the floor. After cleaning, ensure that the area is dried   appropriately before placing the furniture and the rug back in the space.   Repeat the procedure in regular intervals.