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How to choose a hallway runner

How to choose a hallway runner

Hallway   runner rugs are usually long pieces of rugs which cover the flooring of most   hallways and complete the interior décor of most homes. Having a bare hallway   might make the room seem odd, unless the whole house is on bare flooring.   Here are a few tips on choosing the right hallway runner rug.

Consider the Size

The size of your hallway will dictate the size of the runner you   will purchase. A long hallway with a small runner will seem very awkward,   same as having a small hallway with a large runner. You may also think of   whether you would like the runner to cover the whole surface or leave space   on the widths.

Consider the Color

The color of the hall runner should ideally complement the colors   of the doors, flooring, furniture and other accessories used in the hallway.   Thus, take note of the color scheme in the hallway for you to get the best   runner that will add to the décor theme of your home.

Consider the   Thickness

Just how thick should the runner be? This will depend on the type   of floor you home is made of. You will thus find that different hall runner   thickness will sit well on different floor types.

Consider the Ease of   Cleaning

Since hallway runners are placed in   areas of high traffic, cleaning them is of utmost importance to maintain   their functionality. Thus, go for runners that are easy for you to clean and   maintain.