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How to beautify your interiors with dark
wood floors?

How to beautify your interiors with dark wood floors?

There   is no doubt that dark wood floors leave quite an impression.However, only a   few people go ahead and put it in their home. This can be due to the fact   that dark floor woods can be dark and gloomy, but nevertheless stylish as   well as authentic. Dark wood floors can be properly paired up to brighten up   the house.

Walls and the   flooring

Dark wood floors can be paired up with light walls to brighten up   the house. Usually dark colors affect the overall ambiance while producing a   dull effect. The colors to opt for light walls can be along the lines of   white, beige, gray or even muted shades of any color. This will contribute   towards balancing the entire room, while making the entire room to appear   brighter as well as bigger.

Create contrast

Contrast can to be created while installing dark wood floors. It’s   all about breaking up the monotony. A white sofa against a dark wood floor   goes a long way to create an attractive contrast. Furniture with just a few   shades lighter than the dark wood floor can also give a warm ambience. For   instance, black wood floors can be paired against woods that are lightly   toned such as maple. Lighter rug or finished white colored cabinets in the   kitchen can also help in this case. Greenery against white wall can give a   natural look and produce a light ambiance.

Do not ignore the color palette  

If color is a must for you, then opt for a pigmented shade that   you like and then paint either the walls or the bookcase. The coloring can be   made in a patterned kilim. Patterned kilims along with light colors against   dark wood floors create a warmth feeling.

Accessories are never to be forgotten while going ahead with dark   wood floors. Striking, radiant and graphic accessories pop out with the dark   wood floors. For example, sofa pillows in vivid shades and textures can   produce an elegant touch against the black floor.

Dark wood floors need extra caring to preserve the shine of the   floor for a greater span of time. The best and easiest way to do this is to   cover the dark flooring with rugs. The rugs even protect the flooring from   dust. However, if dust is a concern, and to avoid it to not show up quickly,   it is better to avoid shiny finishes in the dark wood floors. For example, scratches   are not easily visible on dark woods which have a satin   finish.