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Hockey Table Ideas

Hockey Table Ideas

Hockey tables Come in   different sizes suitable for different target   markets.  If the   player will be 99 percent of the time   children, You need to take into   account their size when buying the table.  Make sure it is small   enough so that they can you can easily reach all   parts of the table.

The Standard size used for hockey   tables used in professional tournaments is 50   cm wide and 90 cm long. If you want to   attract the neighborhood top   player you might want to add to your playroom   Give that Size seriously Recital.   Make sure you have a room size of at least 10 feet by 7   feet to work with.

Also, Consider the size of the room   before you buy those largest hockey table out   there.  Remember that it is not good   enough that the table only fits in the room.    So should you allow a few extra feet from   open space on each side, in order to   Players can move around easily.

If room is very   limitedall is not lost.    There are a multitude of these these days Table air   hockey games in the market that only require one   flat surface about 40   inches Long.

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