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Hardwood floor wax; how to apply

Hardwood floor wax; how to apply

The   floors used in your home play an important role. They are part of the   interior décor and they set the tone for the room. You will agree that having   old looking floors does not create any beautiful ambience. Luckily, there are   different ways that you can ensure that you maintain the quality of your   floors. The hardwood floor wax is one of the methods you can   use.

So why waxing

Waxing will provide you with many great benefits. For instance it   can protect your floors from any scratching. This is because they provide a   seal for the floors. You however have to exercise caution when you are   choosing the wax.

Types of wax

There are different types of wax that you can choose from   including;

  • Liquid oil wax; this works in floors like linoleum. You may also   apply them on unvarnished wood. You should carefully consider the   manufactures instruction when you are applying the wax. One thing that you   have to note is that even though it is easy to apply this wax, it does not   last for long.
  • Solid based wax; works better than the liquid based wax. You must   avoid using the wax on flooring like vinyl or the urethane   floors.
  • Water based wax; this is the best option that you can go for.   This is because the wax can be used with on all the floors except the   linoleum floors. The wax is long lasting and can protect your floors for a   long time.

Tips of maintaining the quality  

Once you apply hardwood floor wax you have to be prepared to   maintain the quality of the floor. When it comes to cleaning of the floors,   you have to be careful not to damage the condition of the   floor.

  • Use neutral cleaners; there are specific floor cleaners that have   been designed for the waxed floors. If you use harsh chemicals, you may strip   off the wax. You will be forced to repeat the process again.
  • If you are going to use disinfectants, you should consider buying   the wax-safe ones.
  • When applying the wax, you need to be cautious as to only use   recommended brushes. There are brushes that have been designed for such   work.
  • You may have to redo the finishing once in a while. You see, if   the waxed floor experience a lot of traffic, then will become dull and   unattractive.