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Halloween Inflatables

Halloween Inflatables

We all know the house that goes a little overboard on the dinghies   during the holidays.  If you use too   many of these, or even poorly place them, inflatables have a reputation for   being sticky.  But you can make elegant   ways of using these fun country additions by following a few   tips.

One easy way to keep Halloween inflatables classy is to:   Get a big one and use this as the focal point in your garden by   placing it in the front and center. You can use just this one   piece on its own or put smaller conventional decorations around it like real   jack-o’-lanterns.

If you are using multiple smaller inflatables, be sure to use   these no more than three.  Place them with something larger to   separate them, such as  B. the driveway   or a tree so that they don’t look cluttered.   

You can get away with multiple inflatables grouped   into a scene or theme. For example, you could group some of   the photorealistic horror movie characters together.  Or for a cuter theme, you could have a   couple of smiling jack o lanterns put together like a pumpkin   family.

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