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Guide to choosing a hardwood supplier

Guide to choosing a hardwood supplier

Sourcing   hardwood can be tough especially if you do not know what to look for in good   hardwood; not all hardwoods are the same. You may thus find yourself asking   for help from a hardwood supplier who will take care of everything. As also   not all hardwood suppliers are similar, there are a few things that they   should possess in order to make them worth working with.

Reliability and   Quality

Reliability comes in when delivery is needed on time. A good   supplier should deliver the goods on time and with the agreed upon hardwood.   Quality is also important. Thus, the supplier should provide good quality   hardwood consistently.


You will find that some hardwood suppliers have limited options   for you to choose from, or that they specialize in only one type of hardwood.   A good supplier will have a multitude of options for you to choose from, such   as engineered, stock solid and locking down hardwoods. This way, you can be   able to shop comfortably under one roof, and work with just one supplier, as   opposed to dealing with multiple suppliers on different   products.


It’s a well known fact that hardwoods are pricier than other wood.   Therefore, the pricing that you get for hardwood should be reasonably in   between or a little over the usual market price. Getting hardwood that goes   for much less is rather very questionable, one might wonder whether it is   really hardwood on sale, or if there is some problems associated with the   wood, and that’s why it going for such a low price. Check whether the pricing   is offered on wholesale or per square foot of hardwood, and see if this is a   good supplier to work with.


A good hardwood supplier should most preferably be located near   you. If the supplier is located miles away, chances are that the shipping may   take time, and in some cases you may have to pay for the shipping costs.   Delays can also happen and for those who need the hardwood rather urgently   may get disappointed.

Online Presence

It is good to have a supplier that has a brick and mortar store as   well as good online presence. This will help you in browsing through the   various types of hardwood they have on offer, as well as check and compare   prices. This saves you a lot of time spent in going in and out of the store   in search for this information.

Excellent Customer Service

This cannot go unmentioned in finding a good supplier.   Communication is the main thing here, and a good supplier will make sure that   they constantly communicate with you to ensure that your needs are met and   that they keep you in the know on the delivery of your chosen   hardwood.