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Get quality furniture from sofa sofa

Get quality furniture from sofa sofa

This   is a family furniture stores that makes quality sofas and chairs. They also   make chesterfields and sell. So those people interested in quality furniture   can get furniture from SofaSofa. Instead of selling to shops they wanted to   sell directly to the public from their workshops so that the public got the   benefit of the retail amount. They have a mail order catalogue through which   they sold upholstery directly to the public.

How SofaSofa managed to get their Furniture to the   Public?

SofaSofa  have a mail order catalogue through which they   started advertising for their furniture  with 21 day money back   guarantee if the people did not like the furniture they had purchased. They   understood that customers need to check on the furniture and build   confidence.

To build the confidence of the customers in their furniture they   included two year labor and parts warranty on the products free of cost. This   parts warranty was not only on the wooden frame but on all parts like   leather, fabric, fillings, feet and springing. Every last part was included   in the detail.

The Expansion of the Business

The business prospered from a small workshop in the locality to   the whole of the state. They have been in the business for over 30 years and   have set up around 4 factories and employed over 500 people. They have been   able to provide sofas and chairs to millions of people in the state.    Now you can contact them online and order any furniture that you   like.

Now they have factory showrooms providing you all types of   furniture to enhance your home. They still provide personal and friendly   services besides being committed to quality furniture.

Get Quality Furniture at Affordable Rate

SofaSofa continues to be a family business. They supply furniture   made in the state because they know that is where quality products come from.   They are able to compete with their competitors and provide affordable   furniture by keeping their overheads low. They get their fabrics and leathers   directly for weavers and tanners giving the benefit to their customers.

If you are interested in getting quality furniture   SofaSofa   has a wide range of options that you can choose   from.

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