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Genius and naver seen before diy
chandelier ideas

Genius and naver seen before diy chandelier ideas

“DIY” means do it yourself and   CHANDELIER means a part of decoration which hangs from the ceiling with some   support of band or other rods. If you have a limited budget and u want to   purchase chandelier to decorate your home, stop and think about these ideas.   You can make this chandelier on a limited budget. It looks awesome and gives   you lot happiness as you make this yourself.

Here we are presenting some   easy and interesting ideas to making chandelier:

  • Chandelier made by flowers- This   chandelier is made by just straws, paper flowers and paper stars. Arrange   them as you want. You can give it a look, like a bunch of flowers. And hang   it with the help of some straws.
  • Chandelier made by some balls- You   needs some colorful balls to make this chandelier. It looks funky. You can   hang this in kid’s room. Balls can make by wool or paper.
  • Chandelier made by some plants- It   is a never seen before chandelier. If you love nature, you like it. For   making this chandelier you need just some air plants, wire and clear glass   containers. Firstly planting these plants in containers and joins them with   each other with the help of wire and hangs it.
  • Chandelier made by birds cage- If   you love birds and can’t be able to prevent them in you home. You can give   this to your chandelier. Take a cage and set a light in it and hang some   artificial birds looking like flies. It looks awesome in   lighting.