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The Revolutionary Concept of Floating
Desks: A Workspace Gamechanger

The Revolutionary Concept of Floating Desks: A Workspace Gamechanger

One of the space-saving tricks homeowners love, especially when   working in tight spaces, is a floating desk.    A floating wall desk is the easiest way to add extra work space to a   room, and it takes up a fraction of the space that traditional freestanding   desks take up.  Plus, the addition   leads to less visual clutter, which is just as important as the space you   save.

Scroll down to choose the right wall desk for your space.  This article highlights 10 of the best items   we found online, plus some one-stop shopping tips.

Floating desk with   storage space

The first on our list is an all time bestseller, the Prepac   Floating Desk in white.  While it looks   like a desk with limited uses, don’t be fooled as its simple design means it   can be used by virtually anyone from creative artists and students to home   business owners!  Despite its looks,   you’ll be surprised at how durable and incredibly space-saving it is.  The device also has a wire / cable   management function to keep your work surface as clear and tidy as   possible.  The desk is equipped with   the innovative hanging rail system from Prepac for quick and easy   installation.

Minimal   floating desk with a curved end

Bet you didn’t expect a wall-mounted desk to look as sleek and   modern as this Minimal Floating Desk!    With its sexy silhouette, the only limit how you can use this product   is your imagination!  The innovative   design is suitable for any room layout.    It even has the ability to offer considerable work   space.

The most notable aspect of this wall mount is not its versatility   as it can be used as an entertainment stand, display case, or makeup vanity,   but its ease of installation.  Just   screw the device into a wall and voila!    You got yourself a stylish work table.

Hardee Floating   Desk

Who would have thought that the design of a desk could leave no   footprint at all and still offer enough storage space?  This is exactly what the Hardee Floating   Desk from Latitude Run offers.  It’s   such a cool desk that it comes with an easy-sliding drawer and multiple   shelves so your work materials are always at hand.  This prevents you from cluttering your work   area.

The overall dimensions are 20 “H x 26” W x 6 “D, so   this is a relatively large piece of furniture.  Fortunately, it’s not   intrusive.

Spacebox Dining   Floating Desk

When you need to fill in a massive vertical wall area, get this   modern Spacebox Dining Floating Desk from Connubia.  The entire piece consists of six   compartments and a desk for working, studying, and even   eating!

It’s perfect no matter what room it’s inserted in, be it your   kitchen, bedroom or living room.  This   floating desk is perfect for displaying bells and whistles whether you are at   work or not.  If you are looking for a   floating wall desk that goes into action every time you need a temporary   lightweight surface for certain tasks, this is your best bet.  We are sure it will soon become the   epicenter for doodling in your home!

Dowlen floating   desk

Keep it elegant and simple with this all white wooden desk with a   contemporary flair.  With its   compartments, it’s the perfect storage compartment to organize your   merchandise and art.

When you need to work in a small space, small footprint and clean   lines are important and that is exactly what this particular desk offers.  The storage space under the desk offers   space for important papers, a keyboard and a closed laptop.  Since it has a maximum weight capacity of   80 pounds, this desk can be anything you want it to be!

Continuation of   the wall-mounted floating desk

This floating desk from BDI is a masterpiece that fits into both   modern and traditional spaces.  It   definitely deserves your attention.  It   comes with a cable management function and a desk shelf for the ultimate   organizational solution.  While it can   give off some nice classic vibes, its sleek silhouette and modern building   materials make the piece modern and glamorous.  Indeed, it is a desk that can easily serve   as your gorgeous vanity aside from acting as your personal home   office.

Multifunctional,   fold-out wall table for pills

Multifunctional and stylish, this floating desk with storage space   from EMKO offers the “solution” for an overcrowded living space and   at the same time offers the most innovative way of creating a compact work   area.

There is so much to love about this designer piece.  For one, it can easily be installed at any   height to suit your specific needs.  In   terms of interior decor, you can store and display items of different sizes   as this floating desk comes with adjustable shelves!  Yes, you heard that right.  In addition, the adaptable design allows   you to use the additional work surface as a bar, bookshelf and / or storage   space!

Designer   floating desk with Hutch

When in doubt, opt for a floating desk from Prepac like this   designer unit in white.  It comes with   a hutch so you can easily equip your huge empty space.  The set is a great option if you are   looking for a floating computer desk.

The spacious work surface gives you all the space you need to get   things done, while the essentials in the office are stored directly below and   above the desk.  With this Prepac set you   have so much storage space that you no longer have to think about getting   other pieces of furniture to store!  As   an added bonus, it’s one of the cheapest units on our top 10   list!

Minimal   floating desk with a curved end

It is rare for a durable piece of furniture with a maximum weight   capacity of 150 pounds to be affordable.    However, this desk has managed to offer that while adding a modern   look.  The minimally floating desk by   Orange22Modern with a curved end is constructed like a normal table without   the legs taking up space.

Less than 40 inches wide and solidly constructed, you get a great   deal on this floating desk.  It’s   compact, sturdy, and is currently available for sale.  So hurry up to buy one for   yourself!

Dowlen Corner Floating   Desk

Take advantage of that unused corner in your room by adding a desk   with cubes like the Dowlen Corner Floating Desk, a floating corner desk with   storage from Zipcode Design.  The work   surface is 27.3 inches deep, making it perfect for your laptop.  The part’s cubbies and cable management   function are added to ensure that your work area is clear of   obstructions.  You can use the device   as additional storage in your office or as a main work   surface.

Which one do you   like

Still having trouble choosing?    Don’t worry as the following buying tips will help you narrow down   your options:

Room or office   decor

A floating desk should blend in with your office or room decor if   you’re not buying new furniture.    Mixing wood surfaces gives you a look that is pieced together when   compared to a polished, professional style.    Check that your favorite desk from the list is in a style and color to   match what it already has.


Remember that the volume of work and projects you take on will   increase as your career progresses.    Therefore, plan for storage in advance.  If you have plenty of space nearby that you   can reserve for a file system or additional shelving, your desk can be a   compact desk with little to no storage space.    However, you may need your desk for multiple tasks.  In that case, you need a floating desk   design with deep filing drawers, a keyboard tray, and a shelving system.  Remember that your wall-mounted computer   desk is not only your work surface, but your display area as well.  So opt for an additional stable with   various cubes, open shelves, and pin boards for display and additional   storage.

Also, make sure that everyday items can be easily accessed.  A pencil drawer is the most basic feature   of floating desks, but you need easy access to a few more tools.  It would make sense to make the elements   that are often required visible and accessible.

Type and size

There are several types of floating wall tables.  From the list above, it can be seen that   your most common options are straight floating tables and corner units.  Which type is best for you will depend on   your requirements, the size you can add for the new space, and your   budget.  It’s important that you don’t   get a large floating desk if you don’t have enough space for it.  The most common mistakes people make in   getting floating desks are overestimating the size of their space and   underestimating the size of the desk they choose.  When the desk walks in they are shocked as   if the desk contains steroids!

When looking for the best floating desk,   consider the following points:

  • Straight desks are rectangular in shape and are anchored to walls   for stability and durability.  The   amount of paperwork they can hold depends on the number of slots that are   added to the units.  They are practical   because they take up little space.  If   you choose to buy this type of floating desk, be sure to double check the   dimensions of the device as this type of floating desk comes in many   different sizes.

  • Corner desks are great for saving space as they fit in virtually   any corner.  They are ideal for small   offices and residential environments.    This particular type is preferred by most of the people because the   work area is concentrated and the rest of a given space is kept free of   furniture.