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Creative Fireplace Screen Designs for a
Cozy Home

Creative Fireplace Screen Designs for a Cozy Home

Now that we’ve looked at the key considerations when buying a fireplace screen, let’s take a quick look at some of the popular styles.


Really antique fireplace screens are extremely hard to find in modern times, but ancient replicas are generally available.  If you are interested in a geometrically intricate design that catches the eye, you may want to consider a screen under consideration Art deco style.

The Art Deco design style originated in France before World War I and was heavily influenced by different styles that everyone wanted to be modern in appearance.  The result was a series of highly geometric designs that emphasize symmetry and contrasting shapes to create dynamic images.

Victorian era brass replicas are another way to add a “classic” appeal to your living space.  These brass pieces are generally large in size and have features swirling and dragging waves and curlsthat stand out and calm the mind.


Contemporary modern chimney screens commit yourself to a sleek, refined Look that goes well with modern decors.  Add contemporary screens refined elegance for most apartments, but goes particularly well with decors that focus on clear lines and subtle surfaces.

If you play sports at home a modern and minimalist Look, a contemporary style black screen should show off your home just fine.


Scenic fireplace designs often have references to nature, which are then underlaid by a metal wire mesh.  Designs can include interlocking branches that add a soft touch, depictions of wildlife and nature scenes, starry skies, and even recurring geometric patterns fit well in a modern home.

Scenic fireplaces tend to be cast interesting shadows and can provide its own representation under the right circumstances.