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Diy hardwood floor sanding and
refinishing – things you must know

Diy hardwood floor sanding and refinishing – things you must know

The importance of refinishing your hardwood floors

Refinishing hardwood floors, though a simple task, is extremely important. Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is something that you have to do every once a while (maybe once a year or once every 5 years) so that it maintains the appearance that you want it to, extending its lifespan at the same time. While you cans get this done quite easily on your own- having a little knowledge about the process will be something that could be beneficial for the next time. Here are some of the best tips about hardwood floor sanding and refinishing from the best professionals in the industry!

For the DIY kinds- what you will need

For those who are taking on refinishing and sanding as their DIY project, two machines will be needed.  The first is a drums sander, for sanding out the major portion of the floor, and an ‘edger’, which will be used for standing alongside the baseboards. These can be easily rented from any flooring specialty store- avoid general rental stores to get better results.

Before you go out to get these, measure the room, for this measurement of the square footage will help the people at the store provide you with the right number of discs and sanding belts that will be needed for the job. Prepping before you rent these is a good option- for it will take you more time than you think. Getting sanders before you are ready to use will only waste your money.

Prepping the room- the essentials

While removing the furniture and covering doors with plastic are the obvious prep procedures, there are quite a few things that DIYers do not do, including:

Plug or cover the air grilles to avoid getting any dust in the ducts. To minimize the dust travelling in your house, turn off your HVAC system on the thermostat

Remove the art on the walls and any window coverings that there are- else they will add on to the number of things that you will end up cleaning later.

Sanding completely under the doors is not possible- no matter how you close or open them. Removing any doors that open into the particular room will get rid of this problem

These are simple yet highly effective hardwood floor sanding tips that will help you to successfully execute this DIY project, with the best results and at minimal cost!