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Elegant Ways to Showcase Your
Collections: Display Case Inspiration

Elegant Ways to Showcase Your Collections: Display Case Inspiration

Historical, Showcases for home use   were built from Wood and glass. The former is   used for the frames and the latter for the door and shelves.

These days, however, there are increasingly more   options when it comes to showcase materials with such as   Metal and acrylic be seen more often in   houses.

  • Wood or metal for the   frame?

Each of these has his own own advantages and   disadvantages.  For   example, Wood can usually be more   beautifully designed and artistically designed,   whereas Metal frame are usually   pretty minimalistThis allows the exhibited   objects to glow.

Probably the main factor influencing this decision is the overall   style of the room. Metal is of course suitable for more modern   spaces, and Wood is great for traditional and   rustic locations.    Although this doesn’t always have to be the case.

  • Glass or acrylic for sides and   shelves?

While the instinctive choice might be to opt for glass – a classic   without a doubt.  There are several   reasons why you would at least want to Consider acrylic as a   possible alternative.

Obviously, acrylic is one safer   option If it does fall, the worst that can happen is that it   will crack rather than shatter like glass would.  In addition, Acrylic is much   strongerSo you can be sure that your valuables are completely   safe on such shelves.

In addition, acrylic is natural much lighter than   glasswhich is a real plus when moved around the room or around   the house.  This is also a bonus if you   are plan to put a smaller display case on top of something   else – Weight won’t be a problem.

Finally there is acrylic easier to shape and   shape than glass.  That   is, there is more flexibility to be creative in   the design of cabinets.  Surprisingly,   Acrylic is also clearer than glassThis has a   natural shade of green that can affect the appearance of the objects   displayed.

However, Glass has some advantages   over acrylic.  It is less   prone to scratches and stains, it is easier to   clean, and for some people at least, it still offers one   overall look of higher quality.