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Dining Room Buffet Decor

Dining Room Buffet Decor

The decor of the dining room buffet makes it easier to serve food   and drinks.  Buffets and sideboards in   particular are stylish pieces of furniture that give the dining rooms a   special charm.  With the holidays   slowly approaching, now is an excellent time for you to get the best   sideboard or buffet buffet decor for your dining room.  To find out which one will best suit your   home, check out our buying guide below.


If you are looking for a buffet or sideboard, keep in mind that   the unit should be a little higher compared to your dining table.  The usual height of sideboards is 36   inches.  The depths and widths of the   dining room buffet decor vary, but you need to make sure the one you buy   matches the room decor.  If you have a   huge dining table, the accompaniment with a small or tiny buffet looks a bit   incoherent.  The same applies to a   small table paired with a large sideboard or buffet table.


With dining room furniture, people are wrong on the formal   side.  If you want a traditional or   formal buffet or sideboard then you want an enclosed storage space or unit   with solid doors.  A sideboard with   closed storage space is also preferred by homeowners as it eliminates the   problem of beautifully displaying stored items.  Open shelves feel lighter and more airy   compared to heavy, closed sideboards.    However, you need to organize the things you have saved and make sure   they look good.  Since formal china and   linen already look incredible, organizing your sideboard and making it   attractive isn’t difficult.  If you’re   struggling to decide between the two, consider a unit with glass doors.  They are not as heavy as solid wood doors   (optically), but still offer protection for stored objects.


Sideboards and buffets are terms that are used interchangeably as   they are often the same thing but come in different styles.  From the classic Georgian and French   country to the urban contemporary, you can find the style that you love and   that will best suit your home.  When   choosing a particular style, just make sure the device suits your needs.  Now that you know the guidelines to follow   when buying a buffet in the dining room, take a look at our top   deals.

Burgher dining room   sideboard

The Burgher Dining Room Sideboard by Three Posts looks   antiquated.  This four-door wooden   sideboard gives a casual or formal aesthetic versatile charm.  The desperate details go great with vintage   advertising prints.  The clear   silhouette gives a dining room a subtle flair.

Heurich food   buffet

This Andover Mills shot of a sideboard comes complete with glass   doors and a clean finish.  The color   block pattern gives this 3-door buffet a cottage-chic that effortlessly fits   into dining rooms.  You can even use it   to add a sense of style to your foyer.    Top it off with dazzling art objects and family   photos.

Ordway buffet

This one is full of mid-century inspired style.  Made from solid hardwood with wood veneers,   this device features easily sliding drawers and open shelves that can store   anything a wine connoisseur needs, from Cab Sav and Merlot to trays and   glasses.

Claude buffet   table

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or dining room with this   modern buffet table from Orren Ellis.    The glass shelves, solid wood materials and the high-quality   construction of this refined buffet table ensure that it fulfills its purpose   and beautifies your room for years to come.

Stacy buffet   table

If you are looking for a buffet table that can serve as a jewel in   your dining room, then the Stacy Buffet Table of Statements by J is just the   thing for you.  It is full of character   and durable and is perfect anywhere in your dining room, foyer or living   room.  Just add things you love and you   have instant eye candy in your space.

Lorna buffet

Add a versatile piece of furniture to your entertaining ensemble   with this gold-plated Lorna buffet from Willa Arlo Interiors.  It’s a trendy server that will add a nice   look and clean lines to your well-appointed residence.  With its dark mango finish and slender,   tapered legs, you can be sure to receive compliments when you have   guests.

Roreti buffet

This hardwood buffet table with highly polished metal legs gives   this piece of furniture its character.    It is a rustic yet wild variant of a buffet table.  Its metal fittings add a touch of   sophistication that is perfect for minimalist style dining rooms.  Of course there is a guarantee and a   guarantee of customer satisfaction!

Luxton buffet

This unique server with studs and gray finish is a great storage   solution for wine bottles.  It even   comes with a low shelf that you can use for storing or displaying additional   decor.  Its curved and elongated legs   make the entire piece a piece of accent furniture.

Ikon buffet

For its price, this buffet table offers an enormous amount of   storage space that may surprise you.    Since all the furniture is raised with its stylish legs, it looks   light and spacious in your dining room.    It is made to give a country house look.  For a natural look, top it off with a fruit   bowl and a set of shimmering glasses.

Iana Buffet

The last piece of furniture on our list is another Orren Ellis   buffet table.  It may be the last, but   it is definitely not the least.  With   its stunning silhouette, ebony finish and curved front, this piece is one of   a kind.  It even has a removable glass   top for easy replacement and cleaning.    It is the perfect addition to a dining room regardless of style or   attractiveness.