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Difference between red and white oak
  hardwood flooring

Difference between red and white oak hardwood flooring

Oak   hardwood flooring is one of the most commonly used flooring today. It is the   flooring that provides you with a classic and unique appearance. If you are   interested in having the oak flooring, you have to understand that there are   two major types; the red oak and the white oak hardwood flooring. Both of the   designs have specific and unique features that will create that great   appearance.

Before you can proceed to buy either of the two, you should know   about the distinct features between them. This will help you to figure out   exactly what is it that you want.

The differences

  • Graining

Compare to the white oak Harwood flooring, the red oak tends to   have the have stronger form of graining. Most people will prefer having the   red oak because of this one feature. The strong graining tends to have a   strong appearance. It is also gives the floor the anti scratch features. The   white oak on the other hand has a smooth texture and   appearance.

  • Color

Because of their different colors the two floor types absorb stain   differently. For instance, when you apply a light stain on the red oak, they   darken because of their color. Red oaks are pinkish in color and the white   oaks tend to have a light brown color. However, when you apply the stain the   difference between the two colors tend to decrease.

  • Hardness

The white oaks are harder than the red oaks. But even though the   red oaks are not as hard, they tend to have any dents.

  • Water resistant

White oaks are water resistant because of they have been designed   with closed grain wood. They are best suited for places that are prone to   water damage.

Cost consideration

When it comes to price, there is no much difference between the   two types. Depending on the season the prices will fluctuate from time to   time. The difference in price will be evident depending on the thickness and   the size of the wood. The white oaks tend to be more expensive at   times.

The bottom line

Neither of the two types is better than the other. The decision on   which you are going to choose is an individual decision. There are those that   prefer the white oaks because of the smooth surface while others prefer the   red oaks. You need to therefore evaluate your floor needs before you make a   decision.

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