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Decorative Recessed Light Covers

Decorative Recessed Light Covers

Recessed lights are incredibly versatile as they can provide both   work and ambient lighting in any area.    Also known as can lighting and pot lighting, it is a type of lighting   fixture that mounts on a wall or ceiling, which is most often the case.  

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You already know how useful a recessed lighting can be because of   its versatility.  But did you know that   this can also improve the aesthetics of a room?  It can, if it is combined with a decorative   recessed light.  It often comes in the   form of a decorative ring and is available in different colors and metallic   finishes.  A decorative cover can also   be square in shape, which is perfect if the round ones are too plain, boring,   or conventional for your taste.

The decorative ring or the light cover for recessed lights serve   another purpose in addition to aesthetics, namely to cover the point at which   the downlight and the ceiling connect to create an ultra-smooth transition   between light and surface.

The material and color of your decorative ornament should   complement or match the room.  If you   want to focus on what your downlight is illuminating, choose a thin molding   that is a color that matches that of your ceiling.  You may want to emphasize your   ceiling.  If so, you can go for colors   and materials that are eye-catching.

If you are thinking of a decorative ornament, consider one with   lenses as it will prevent you from seeing the light bulb that can cause   glare.  But it will still depend on   what you want to achieve.  With a   decorative lens cover for recessed lights, you can protect your light fixture   even when it is installed in your shower room.  Whenever you take a hot shower, your bathroom   is steaming.  Remember that electricity   and moisture don’t mix well.  Placing a   lens cover over your lighting prevents moisture from reaching the device and   damaging your electrical system.


Decorative recessed lights are available in a variety of sizes   from 1 “to 6” in diameter.    Which size is best for you depends on your personal preference.  If you want to create a larger amount of   light, you should get a larger aperture.    With smaller adornments, they are less noticeable, making them   architecturally desirable and modern.    The common uses for 6 inch cladding are wall wash lighting and general   residential downlight as they can support different lamps, efficient optics   and wattages.  5-inch devices have   become popular because they are great for general lighting in small spaces   and for work lighting.  4-inch mains   voltage sections, on the other hand, are useful for accent and work   lighting.  They are also suitable for   areas with lower lighting requirements, such as above a counter or a   beam.  There are also 4-inch   low-voltage M16 lighting bezels on the market that are unobtrusive but   extremely powerful.


After you have determined your preferred cut size, it is important   that you understand the cut style you want.    The right style for you will be based on the effect you want, as well   as the application of the crop.    Baffles are popular options.    They are best used in living spaces such as dining rooms, bedrooms,   den and living rooms.  These fairings   have huge, even grooves that are designed to absorb excess light.  Reflector bezels are best for kitchens,   commercial spaces, and very high ceilings because they maximize the light   produced by the bulb.  They are also   available in multiple shades that can warm a room or obscure the light bulb’s   view.  Adjustable panels, on the other   hand, are used for work lighting, general lighting, wall washing and accent   lighting.  They allow the lamps to   float in the housing and give the user the ability to reposition the lamps so   they can reach the areas they want.    Now it is time for you to review your available options.  Here are some of the best decorative   recessed lights we found online: