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Decorative Plates For Kitchen Wall

Decorative Plates For Kitchen Wall

Decorative plates for a kitchen wall can explain your personal   philosophy or cheer you on on your way through your working day.  Or they can just be something pretty that   you enjoy.  Regardless of your point of   view or the reason for the presentation, thematic plates are a special end to   your kitchen furnishings.

Just something pretty

Flowers, kittens, puppies or gamboling lambs, decorations on a   pretty plate can beautify an empty wall or brighten a dark corner.  A charming plate does something calming or   relaxing that you can rest your eyes on while you have your cereal and drink   in the morning.  Let the paper be with   its disturbing window on the world and let yourself relax for a minute while   you look at something beautiful.

An uplifting message

If you have managed to reach adulthood, you know that no matter   where you live or what level of society you are in the world contains   disruptive elements.  A strong or happy   message conveyed from a plate you have specifically chosen or given to you by   a friend can give you the strength to face what the day will bring or you at   the end of a long one to calm hard day working day.  Sometimes it’s even better than a chocolate   ice cream dish – and for some of us, that says a lot.  Your decorative plates for a kitchen wall   can brighten up your kitchen and sometimes even convey lasting messages that   will brighten your day and help you get through.  The world is wide and there are sad and   terrible things outside of your kitchen.    A pretty plate can give you a moment of peace before you set off into   these “slings and arrows of incredible luck”.    In addition, your pretty wall plates can be shared with others who   visit your kitchen so that you can spread the cheer.  Here are ten examples of something   beautiful for your world.

Multi plates wall   decoration

Bring detail and life to your kitchen with this fused multi-panel   set.  The decor has a wide range of   colors so you can easily bring the color and desire you want into your   kitchen.  If you need a large piece   that will grab everyone’s attention, this is for you.  Each plate shares the textures with the   rest from small to large so you can enjoy every detail.

Tinplate wall   decoration

With the words “Trust in the Lord” on this plate, it is   a wonderful decor in every kitchen.    Around the text on the curve of the panel is an etched dandelion   frieze that brings it to life without adding any more color.  With the two handles, this plate can be   easily and securely attached to your wall.

Panel wall decor

If you want to add some color to a solid color wall, you want   things that stand out.  This ceramic   plate appears to the eye as porcelain and has a blue flower heart with   trimmings.  The porcelain white and the   light blue bring color to any room.    The plate has a brass trim with flowers, a dragonfly and a   ribbon.

When you add decor to the kitchen, lots of text can convey   uplifting messages.  This set is   intended to create trust through religious texts.  The plates have an aged look to give them   and the message a timeless feel.  The   size is slim so they can hang on doors without reserving much space or   defining the kitchen.

BE Scattered   Italian Plates wall art

This set of six panels is mounted on a metal frame for permanent   support.  Each plate has a floral   design that adds vibrant colors to the room.    The plates are perfect for any kitchen with plants and other flower   arrangements.  At 22 inches wide and 36   inches high, this piece would look great on the wall above almost any   device.

Home   Source 500-21913-B Decorative Wall Art

If you are trying to bring unique tastes together at the table,   this plate offers a solution.  With its   contemporary style, it is safe not to offend and at the same time bring   harmony to different elements through its colors.  This piece is great for the center table or   wall so everyone can enjoy the different aspects of the etchings on the   plate.

Ceramic   Plates Moroccan Handmade Serving Wall Hanging

With a light lime color, this decorative piece stands out.  The plate has strong earth tones and can   define a room.  This handcrafted piece   can make a wonderful centerpiece or hang on the wall with its smaller base   hiding the support.  The plate is   excellent for anyone who likes Moroccan themes.

Spode   Blue Room Georgian plates, set with 6 different motifs

A white blue and porcelain plate set can really bring a space   together, from displaying in a suitcase to formal dining attire.  The plates show everyone who cares about   sitting at the table with them and express openness through their many   designs and patterns.  These plates are   all dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave without   fear.

Ceramic   Plates Moroccan Handmade Serving Wall Hanging

This Moroccan plate is handmade with an earthen light green basic   pattern.  The design features more   off-white colors in art with colors of nature’s fruits and peppers.  At 14 inches around this piece, food can be   held as a table setting or shown on display with your Moroccan set with ease.

Wall plate / towel   rail

This towel rail is perfect for the kitchen to display your best 9   inch plates securely on the wall.  This   iron bracket can support a considerable weight and with its black finish   stands out well against any light-colored wall.  When combined with the towel rail, these   valuable plates will be noticed by everyone.