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Decorative Paper Towel Holder Wall Mount

Decorative Paper Towel Holder Wall Mount

A decorative paper towel holder mounted on your wall will keep   your paper towels close at hand when you need them.  Whether the holder is mounted in a kitchen,   bathroom, or other utility room, a towel rail makes it easy to grab a towel   to wipe your hands or clean up a messy spill without fumbling around or   looking for it.  This is a very good   thing because when you need a paper towel, you often don’t have time to look   for it.

Decorative paper towel holders

Paper towel rails don’t have to be ugly or simple.  Like many everyday objects, they can be   decorated with special materials, decorations or even bright colors.  Some holders are recessed with only the towel   sticking out while others use themes or other types of decorations to move   them beyond what’s useful.

Protection of special towel rails

Some holders are a little more fragile than others, especially if   they have delicate decorations.  By   mounting them in a recess or niche, you protect them from damage by   accidentally getting caught on a sleeve or similar mishap.  Once you have made the effort to choose one   of these holders, keep it in good condition so you can enjoy it for many   years to come.

Useful owners

Sometimes you need an outdoor towel rail.  In this case, a sturdy box holder is the   ideal choice.  It can be painted   attractively and protects your towels from rain.  Or you just need a simple, ordinary holder   that doesn’t attract any attention.    Only by using simple materials that are well cared for can these also   be decorative.  For example, a simple   wooden holder can be attractive thanks to the warmth of the polished   wood.  Paper towels often require   holders.  They can be decorative or   simple – but the towels must always be held securely.  Here are ten choices that range from   extremely chic to very simple.  All of   them will work well in your kitchen.    The choice is yours.

Keep your paper towels close at hand with this black steel paper   towel holder from Andover Mills.  The   graceful curves cut a fine figure on a light wall.  Decorative end pieces adorn the ends of the   dowel rod that holds the paper towel roll.    With so many decorative towel patterns, you can even coordinate the   paper towel pattern with the holder.

Gold-colored   paper towel holder

Add a touch of richness to your kitchen with a retro wall mounted   paper towel holder.  Unlike many modern   holders, this one has an upright bar, making it extremely easy to remove an   empty roll and slide it onto a new one.    The rich gold color can add a chic feel to your meal prep   area.

Protective   box paper towel dispenser

Keep your paper towels dry and ready to use, indoors or outdoors,   with this wall-mounted paper towel holder from Symple Stuff.  The steel box keeps your paper towels dry   and dust-free when they are not needed.    To get a paper towel, simply open the box and tear a towel off the   roll that is securely held inside.

Paper towel   and kitchen wrap holder

Keep all of your paper and plastic ready where you need it with   this wall-mounted paper towel holder.    The paper towel roll is placed on the dowel rod at the bottom of the   holder, while two doors can hide aluminum foil, waxed paper or similar items.  It’s made of blond wood and even has a   shelf for spices.

Towel holder made of   wood

Perfect for a pig or farm-themed kitchen, this towel rack has the   wooden silhouette of a pig.  The metal   towel holder is on the side of the pig.    This cute towel rack from Gracie Oaks is perfect for a country or   cottage-themed kitchen, or even a kitchen that is decorated with cute pigs   everywhere.

This is a beautiful bronze sculpture of a lodgepole pine ready to   hold your paper towels.  A pine cone   closes the end of the handrail.  It is   recommended to install the device in a recessed area to avoid damaging the   holder.  However, it is sturdy enough   for normal use.  It sure is a topic of   conversation.  Presented by Timber   Bronze 53, LLC, catalog number tibr 1323.

Pinetree paper towel   holder

Beautifully textured bronze lodgepole pine that will keep your   paper towels horizontal.  The pole is   decorated with two tiny pine cones in exquisite details.  It is recommended to mount the device in a   niche to avoid damage.  It is provided   to you by Timber Bronze 53, LLC, catalog number tbr 1321.

Pinetree   paper towel holder for vertical wall mounting

The simulated lodgepole pine branch extends from a piece of bronze   “bark”.  A small pine cone hangs from   the bottom of the branch, while two smaller cones adorn the end.  A piece of clear acrylic sits on top of the   branch and carries a dowel rod that can hold a paper towel roll.  By Timber Bronze 53, LLC, Cat #   f1325.

Wood on the   wallpaper towel rail

Sometimes imagination is not needed or desired, and a simple   wooden towel rail on the wall is exactly what you are looking for.  This wooden towel rail from Sea Teak is   simple, simple and yet has the warm tone that can only be achieved with wood.  It creates complete functionality with a   simple, homely touch.

Totally Posh paper   towel holder

Enjoy this totally classy Hickory Manor House Swag Paper Towel   Holder.  The exterior of the dispenser   is adorned with a molded curtain that is adorned with gold-colored   decorations.  The background color can   be either black or red so you can choose the one that best suits your   decor.  Decadence and Functionality –   What Could Be Better?