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Decorative Metal Storage Bins

Decorative Metal Storage Bins

There is nothing more irritating than a large storage shelf with   items mixed up in it.  Decorative metal   storage containers can help solve this problem.  Made mostly of metal wire, they make it   easy to group similar things together, hold cans and boxes upright, and   understand your prep cabinet so the zombie apocalypse doesn’t find your main   needs buried under a dark pile of odds and ends.  Or, as one charming young woman put it,   it’s not so much about a zombie apocalypse as the potential loss of jobs or   the sudden surge in prices in the supermarket – but what’s the drama,   excitement, and incentive of it?

Organize the pantry

There is nothing like two or three sets of metal stacking baskets   to keep like things together in your pantry.    The contents are visible through the wire baskets, and the dropped   lips of the stacking baskets make it easy to access this box of instant   pudding or envelope with sauce mix.  No   more confusion when looking for spices, powdered drinks, tea or coffee –   everything is sorted and ready to hand.

Simple, clean organization

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house and one of   the places almost everyone in the household wants to keep some of their   belongings.  Plastics tend to hold in   moisture, which can encourage the growth of things that are better left   unnamed.  However, a wire mesh basket   ensures order without moisture accumulating.    If privacy or low-key items are desired, add a snap or tie a fabric   liner to the baskets.

Centerpieces and hanging baskets

Fill them with the right items and wire mesh baskets can be both   decorative and useful.  There is   nothing nicer in a kitchen than a well-filled fruit basket, be it a two- or   three-tier standing basket or a hanging basket that is hung from the   ceiling.

The traditional sewing basket or trash can

Keep your sewing ideas or patterns organized by placing them in a   container near your sewing table.    Below are ten decorative metal containers for your   enjoyment.

Storage baskets

Organize your pantry with stackable storage baskets.  Put an end to disorganized storage shelves   where all of your dry goods seem to have collapsed along with those stackable   wire baskets.  Robust and easy to see   what is being kept in each product.    This allows your jello boxes to stay separate from the Kool-Aid and   yeast packages.  Cooking is much easier   now because you can find your ingredients.

Shovel bin

Put it in the entryway for incoming mail or put it on a shelf to   store small items.  The wire structure   makes it easy to look inside and see what’s inside.  No more worrying about mistaking the   faucets for the pudding packets as these baskets can easily organize the   items.

Wire storage   baskets

Keep your pantry shelves tidy with wire storage baskets.  No more trouble separating the lemons from   the onions or storing potatoes to allow the air to circulate around   them.  Nothing to install, no screws,   no wires – just put the basket on the shelf and load it with your   belongings.  You can also find it   easily as everything is visible through the wire.

From laundry to garden vegetables, it’s hard to beat a large metal   wire basket from Rebrilliant for the many little chores around the house that   need informal storage space.  You no   longer have to search in the cabinets or in the dark rooms under the sink to   find the items you need.

What’s better than a metal basket?    Three stacked metal baskets.    This three-tier metal sorting basket set is perfect for vegetables,   fruit or potatoes in the kitchen.  But   it can also be used for patterns and accessories next to your sewing machine   or even for small reference materials in your office.  It’s light and easy to move, but sturdy   enough not to be knocked over easily.

Narrow stackable   baskets

Make the most of this tall, narrow shelf with narrow, stackable   baskets.  With a powder coating and a   scooped front, these shelves are suitable for every room in the house – from   sorting the mail in the entrance hall to organizing the laundry supplies in   the dirty room at the back.  Art   supplies or sponges can hold almost anything that fits and doesn’t slip.

Modular wire mesh   storage cubes

Easy to clean, store, and install, these mesh storage cubes are   perfect for everything from baby toys to books and notebooks for   teenagers.  With these flexible cubes   you can help your child (or yourself) understand the terrible phrase “clean   up your room!”  Debugging is so   much easier when there is a place to put things.

Show your discoveries of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket   and at the farmers market in this three-tier hanging metal basket.  Some items, when bought fresh, will not be   put in the refrigerator or closet.    Bananas, apples, oranges and more are best preserved and best   accessible at room temperature – these baskets are great for this.  It’s perfect for a cottage or country decor   theme kitchen.

Two-tier basket with   handle

Create a centerpiece or collect garden products with this two-tier   wire basket with handle.  Stack the   fruits of your labor high in the basket and create a pleasant visual   effect.  The top handle makes it easy   to move a centerpiece or garden harvest without disturbing the contents of   the basket.  Also works for flower   arrangements or even for holding potted plants.

Urban baskets lined with   fabric

Keep small items in your wire baskets by locking the faux leather   linings into place.  Easily removed for   cleaning but safe for small items.    Enjoy the sophisticated fabric look together with the sorting and   carrying capacity of sturdy wire.  It’s   great for kitchens, entrances, or gifts.    Perfect for keeping almost everything from incoming mail to small   toiletries in the bathroom.