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Decorative Hanging File Boxes

Decorative Hanging File Boxes

Decorative hanging filing boxes are a great way to keep your files   handy so you can easily and quickly find the items you need.  From memorial postcards, letters and   pictures to important business records, they offer the ability to either have   information on hand or to archive it in an accessible manner.  Filing boxes come in a variety of sizes and   styles, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that suits your decor   and also suits your needs.

Archive and storage boxes

Robust filing boxes made of cardboard or plastic can be provided   with labels on the front or side, so that contents can be found quickly and   easily.  They’re often stackable, which   means they can be kept in a closet or secure storage area until the documents   are needed or they are no longer needed.    A word of caution.  They   shouldn’t usually be stacked more than three high, otherwise the weight of   the upper boxes can cause the lower boxes to split and sag.  They work best on wire mesh that allows   easy access.

Instant access to work files

If you’re a secretary or an employee who works in an office that   is often open to the public, you don’t want piles of files on your desk.  In fact, most employers prefer to only see   the project that you are currently working on.  A rolling file with sleeves hanging can   help keep the information you need on hand without the messy piles of   documents.  It can also hold the things   ready that will require attention in the near future.

Personal or private submission

Homes have many things that benefit from being put on file.  These can be pictures, DVDs, letters, bills   and important papers for your home or vehicle.  A hanging shelf keeps them organized and   ready when required.  Below are some   examples of file boxes that will suit a variety of decor options or work   needs.  Some are good for storage, some   are decorative enough to keep things out in your living room or kitchen,   while others exude the fresh, professional air you want for your   business.

File box for hanging   files

This storage box is used to store and protect your files without   exposing them to light.  Since the dark   fabric appears as a laminate, this box is well suited for areas with dark   wood tones or dark fabric furniture.    The leather pull handle makes it easy to slide this box off the   shelf.


With its light brown hue, this mailbox is suitable in many areas,   from a wooden stand to a desk to a shelf by completing the decor.  Perfect for holding and protecting   important letters, your DVD collection, and more with its height.  The lid sits securely and ensures that   unwanted pests cannot get into your important letters.

This wicker and Burmese rattan box is a great decorative box.  The natural honey brown color gives your   wicker office or your chairs and other light colors in the room shine.  The lid sits securely on top and makes a   closed box with no handles to protect your loved ones.  These parts can hold a surprising amount of   weight compared to their appearance.

2 drawers hanging   box

These drawers are designed for non-residential use and contain   large legal documents and consumables.    The dark wood tone goes well with many desks and offices that blend in   seamlessly.  This storage set is not a   free-standing set and must be assembled.    The lockable front protects the contents for you while you are on the   go.  With the steel glides, the drawers   can bear a lot of weight.

Woven filing box

The double-woven fabric gives this box a robust appeal.  This filing box is suitable for medium   weights and is well suited for lightly tinted rooms against dark fabric.  The steel and plastic files are well   protected.  With the open, easy-to-reach   handles, you can easily lift and move this box as needed.

Roll filing box

This box lies on its side and can handle your large rolled   papers.  The steel body offers a lot of   protection and can be securely locked with a padlock.  With 36 compartments, it’s easy to organize   and put labels on the doors so you know which file is where.  This cabinet can handle items from   postcards to oversized documents.

Upright filing   box

With its upright position, this filing box is ideal for large   rolled papers such as architectural designs or drawings.  Thanks to its walnut grain, it is well   suited for any bright office and gives a statement about your tasteful   organizational skills.  It contains up   to 20 files, so you can easily work on your active projects without the   clutter.

Open hanging   file

The open design of this filer is ideal for office areas where you   may need to find files quickly.  The   files are secure in your hand, and you can slide the envelopes off the side   or from the top to look for information.    The padded base prevents desks from being scratched.  This plastic filing shelf offers space for   up to 25 folders.

This box is built for work.    With the label slot facing forward, you can easily see what you are   storing inside.  The steel handles   allow you to carry a considerable weight in this box.  The black and white floral theme goes well   with any modern designed room or closet and is just so noticeable that you   will quickly notice.

2 tier cubby   cabinet

With a natural wooden stand, this cabinet can support quite a bit   of weight for you.  The baskets woven   from seagrass are ideal for paperwork or toys and are also easy on the eyes.  The light fabric and white wood go well   with light walls and floors.  The large   open handle allows easy access.

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