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Decorative Garden Hose Reel

Decorative Garden Hose Reel

There are many things to consider when choosing the right garden   hose reel holder.  You want to know   that they are stable and not exposed to wind and weather.  Some owners also provide security by   protecting your hoses from the elements or other things.  The right hose reel gives your garden a   beautiful decoration and can go a long way towards achieving this.  If you use your hose frequently, you may   also want to look for ease of use and storage.


Many owners have added aspects for the sake of simplicity.  Some have faucets for hose attachment,   others have great decor.    Unfortunately, it means little if they keep falling to the   ground.  Some of the center courtyard   holders have deep spikes to keep them from falling and connections at the   base to secure them to the ground – much like the post for a mailbox.


If you are concerned about your garden hose wandering off, a good   retainer can come to the rescue.  Some   holders are easy to move to safe locations or can hide the hose   completely.  By adding decor to the   holders, you can evoke the “out of sight” mindset.  The decor is also a great way to hide home   security while it is working properly.    Many holders are open enough so that detectors cannot be blocked.  Hose containers with lids are also ideal   for protecting an alarm speaker or key lock for your home.


Many garden hose reels give your garden or veranda a special   decor.  The colors can create focus   through visual attention.  Some of the   garden hose reels can create a post for controlled wine growth.  Others, such as  B. Hose pots, adapt to the decor of your   porch and keep the green hose out of sight.    With many different designs, a hose reel can interest many different   porch subjects.  It may take a little   while, but there is the perfect cover hose holder to add to your outdoor   decor.

Ease of access

Some decorative garden hose reels are designed for ease of   use.  An automatic guide prevents your   hose from being cross-threaded.  This   also makes it easier to draw over a room.    A hand crank gives you the ease of pulling in a large amount of tubing   with low drag and weight.  Others allow   a lower roller adjustment that deflates your hose, making it easier to put   away, and keeping it prepared for cold weather.

Decorative steel tube   pot

With a solid black steel ivy design, this decorative steel hose   looks great.  It goes well with any   faucet with a hose assembly that connects to the hose inside or in a flower   bed itself.  The pot itself, with its   open frame, prevents water from pooling in it and can accommodate a 100-foot   hose.

Plastic tubing   pot

This plastic hose pot was developed for stretchable hoses and   feels like a stone pot with its brown tone and masonry structure.  This pot is a great idea for any earthen   themed porch or garden without being a thorn in your side.  The hose capacity of 150 feet allows you to   cover a large area with your expandable hose.

Plastic hose   reel

The rotatable hose reel rotates with it when it is moved so that   you cannot pull more on your hose line than you need.  To prevent transverse threads from   developing in the standing container, this hose reel has an automatic guide function   for your hose.  With the hand crank you   can easily pull 225 feet of hose into the holder in a very short time and   with little effort.

Steel hose   holder

The steel hose holder stands upright and can hold 150 feet of hose   in your garden where you need it most.    Since it is not set into a wall, you can have this holder on the   borders of a hose line to easily connect them together for large areas.  This saves you the hassle of moving an   extremely long hose line that quickly becomes heavy.

With the ability to rotate the spindle 360 ??degrees, this hose   reel is unique.  The bronze colored   holder works well for any brick background or can stand independently without   affecting the surroundings.  This reel   is close to the wall and ensures that you can keep up to 30m of hose neatly   on the side.

Garant   Neverleak plastic hose reel with automatic return

With the wrought iron scrollwork design, the Garant Neverleak   plastic hose reel can be used in the most elegant of environments.  The under-reel feeding method with an   automatic tracking allows you to empty your hose while you crank it, as long   as there is no block at the end.  This   device allows you to keep 225 feet of hose safely out of   sight.

Dragon Fly steel hose   reel

With 5 anchor points, the Dragon Fly Steel hose reel can withstand   the tests that nature throws on it.    Strong winds will not knock this stand down on you.  This standing hose reel with a built-in   faucet can accommodate 125 feet of hose in the yard for you, so the leash can   be used as an extension.

Some hose holders are very decorative and hidden.  This metal hose pot has a matching lid so   that the hose remains completely hidden when not in use.  The hose pot can also hold your other   outdoor items and accessories that aren’t limited to hoses, or it can serve   as a decoration itself.  Since it is   not pressed, you can always bring the pot indoors in bad   weather.

Plastic hose   reel

This standing plastic hose reel stands on a rotatable base and can   be moved as required or easily pointed in the desired direction.  With the hose attachment on the side, you   can easily connect it to the coiled hose in the container.  This container has an automatic guide to   prevent the hose from being over-threaded with its hand crank   pulley.

Aluminum hose   holder for wall mounting

This wall-mounted aluminum hose holder has an ivy finish that is   ideal for any garden bed.  With a brass   coating, the wall mount can work with light-colored siding or bricks.  The holder can hold up to 30 m of hose on   it.  The hose holder made of aluminum   is weatherproof, rustproof and retains its shine for a long   time.