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Decorative File Boxes With Lids

Decorative File Boxes With Lids

Filing boxes are one of those things you don’t really think about   until you’re faced with the task of organizing bills, research, or even your   winter wardrobe.  File boxes are a   great place to store magazines, artwork, pictures, or even CDs and DVDs.  They come in all sorts of sizes and   materials and with a little thought can go with almost any   decor.

Immediate, quick and temporary storage

Not all files need to be kept forever.  For example, if you’re a student who takes   a fair amount of classes, you might be hunting down a bunch of different   pieces of paper for your class work.    Even in the age of online courses and digital files, instructors often   hand out a curriculum, guides, review sheets, and more.  Authors are another group who may keep   temporary files for a project.  Once   the semester is over or the project is over, these files are often of little   value.  The important pieces can be put   in a more permanent location, while the less important pieces can go to the   scrap basket.

Classy store for collections

If you are storing pictures, magazines, samples, recipes, or   similar items, you may want a place to keep them in order.  A decorative filing box is often the answer   to keeping your particular quilting patterns in order.  An old-fashioned recipe box can be just the   thing to protect those family heirloom recipes.  You never know when you might need   them.

Protective boxes for long-term storage

While it isn’t a class of fireproof safeboxes, a sturdy, lidded   filing box can be a shelter for items of moderate value that you want to have   on hand.  Such boxes must be   water-resistant, mouse-resistant and flame-retardant.  Items that may be stored in it include   family pictures, insurance policies, copies of various deeds or titles –   items that are likely to be registered and accessible from other locations   but are conveniently located on hand.    A decorative storage box can come in all possible sizes and   styles.  Let’s examine some of your   options.

Decorative   corrugated cardboard storage box

A handy, easy-to-assemble, sturdy corrugated cardboard box that   can handle hanging files is just the thing for taming the paper blizzard that   seems to be popping up in even the most regulated households.  These files are stackable and   storable.  However, they are not immune   to moisture or mice.  However, they are   suitable for temporary storage of various papers.

Decorative   storage box with brocade exterior

Decorative, stackable, and storable, these decorative boxes can   help ensure that papers ranging from monthly bills to research for this   important thesis make sense.  With a   place at the end to add a label and good handles for moving the boxes around,   they are a great solution for sorting and storing papers, especially for   short term purposes.

Letter size file,   black

Tame your bills, bank statements, and more with Snap N Store’s   letter size.  The black color goes with   any decor and the simple assembly is convenient and easy.  It is a step further than the corrugated   folding box and has a large lid for hanging files.  It’s also a handy place for magazines or   comics.

Seagrass woven   filing box with lid

Enjoy a stylish way to hide the persistent deluge of paper that   seems to plague the modern home.  The   flip top makes it easy to hide personal information, and the woven seagrass   and wire exterior makes a stylish addition to the corner of your home office   space.  It could also be an attractive   place to store sewing patterns or magazines.

Brown Wicker   File Basket with Lid

Honey Can Do brown braided filing basket with lid offers an   attractive, permanent solution for storing papers, magazines, samples or   other items.  Whether you’re tidying up   the entertainment center, bathroom, or organizing the endless stream of paper   that goes with managing a household, the hanging files and wheels option   helps clear out the clutter.

Decorative basket   letter file

Charming basket letter file made with traditional organic weave   material.  The lid is loose and the box   may not be completely dust-free despite advertising.  A good choice for living rooms or family   rooms to store magazines, correspondence or similar items in letter   format.  Buyers should be prepared for   some shortcomings due to the organic materials used.

Collapsible, reusable   storage

The collapsible, reinforced and waterproof Scout Bin-10 storage   container makes your day perfect when you need temporary or temporary storage   for various items.  It’s quick and easy   to unfold when you need it, and then just as easily fold it up so it can be   stored when not in use.  Ideal for   seasonal or occasional storage items without the need for repeated storage   item purchases.

Storage with   class

The hanging filing box in Spruce storage format is the perfect   place to keep those important documents like copies of insurance policies or   the contract for the streaming TV service.    Inside and outside made of synthetic leather in shiny metallic gray   give this filing box a touch of class.    You can just put it on a shelf in your office or living   room.

Foldable storage   bins with lids

Whether you’re storing your winter wool or using a frame to hang   files, you’ll love this nestable set of collapsible storage containers with   lids and 2 lids.  Robust cardboard   covered with fabric is moisture-proof and non-flammable.  Light enough to be a toy box for kids, but   also nifty enough to tidy up the home office.

Favorite recipe box   with lid

As most busy chefs know, index cards are the best way to keep up   with favorite recipes.  No need to pull   out the Heirloom Cookbook or the hard-to-find edition of the Culinary   Institute’s Cookbook to access Grandma’s famous birthday cake or the goulash   everyone raved about.  The Victoria   Albert Museum’s William Morris-style filing box with lid keeps your recipes   in style.