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Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers

Decorative Doorbell Chime Covers

Decorative doorbell covers fulfill an essential function in a   house.  They will notify you regarding   the guests at your door and each doubles as a free facility for your   home.  A doorbell cover is essentially   a must for any home.  With such high   demand, it’s no wonder the market is flooded with different styles and   designs.  Having tons of options is a   good thing because you don’t have to be forced to ring a doorbell that is   just “okay” with you.  On the   other hand, there are so many options that it is easy to get confused and   frustrated.
To help you with this, this article provides a buying   guide and some hand-picked options so you can review your options   available.


When purchasing a decorative doorbell cover, the first thing to   consider is the style or theme of your home.    Just because a doorbell cover looks great doesn’t necessarily mean it   will automatically go well with the design and style of your home.  So be sure to check the style or design of   your home first.  Then you can look for   a doorbell that goes well with the design or theme of your residence.  Always remember that a doorbell cover that   doesn’t match the style of your home is most likely to stick out like a sore   thumb.


Doorbell covers are usually made of plastic, stainless steel, or   wood.  Everyone has their own   advantages and disadvantages.  Plastic   scores with affordability and portability.    Hence, it is a good choice when the budget is tight.  On the other hand, it’s the least durable   material for doorbell covers.    Stainless steel is very durable and has a distinctive atmosphere with   its glossy shine.  On the other hand,   it is more expensive than plastic.    When it comes to the impression of luxury and elegance, wood is simply   king.  However, it is a material that   is prone to moisture damage.    Decorative wooden doorbell covers are also usually more   expensive.


Another thing to consider is the number of entrances in your   home.  If you have a main door that   welcomes guests, you can simply opt for a single tone bell cover.  However, if you have more than one door to   welcome your guests in, a single color doorbell cover can create   confusion.  Imagine two doors with the   same tone.  When the doorbell rings,   you are not sure which door to open.    So in this case it is better to opt for doorbell covers with at least   two tones.  You now know what to look   for in a decorative carillon cover.    It’s time for you to do some shopping!

Decorative wired door   gong

Greet guests with elegance and timeless sophistication with this   decorative doorbell.  A versatile   product that perfectly matches a variety of popular styles such as classic,   modern, or simplicity.  It also comes   with a feature that lets you program two tones, which means you can’t guess   which door the guest is ringing on.

Contemporary   doorbell made of stainless steel

A stylish carillon that gives your guest a good impression of your   home.  With a sleek, contemporary   design, it can instantly improve the aesthetics of your outdoor   environment.  Made from stainless steel   and polished, it’s not only durable but also a feast for the   eyes.

Decorative wired door   gong

A carillon that goes well with classic style or timeless   simplicity.  A carillon that allows you   to program the tones for two doors to make it easier to recognize which door   your guest is coming.  The carillon is   also compatible with the standard pistons.

Decorative wired door   gong

Give your home a great first impression with this decorative   doorbell.  With a unique design in   white color, it exudes class, elegance and sophistication.  It’s a perfect compliment for homes with   contemporary or traditional style.  In   addition to the aesthetically pleasing design, it has two programmable colors.


With a dark oak material and silver and gold details, this   doorbell simply gives a classy impression.    In addition, it has two chambers that produce a clearly rich   sound.  With a strikingly elegant   aesthetic and an appealing tone, this hand-painted doorbell is a great   addition to any home.

Wireless and wired   doorbell

With a dark wood finish and a unique scrollwork insert, this   doorbell has a design that is simply eye-catching.  This doorbell also lacks the features with   a range of 150 feet and an adjustable volume control.  It is also compatible with a wired or   wireless installation.

Traditional   musical wired doorbell

A doorbell made from real maple wood.  It comes with a distinctive column design   and three tubes with a brass coating.    A carillon that goes perfectly with the transitional or contemporary   theme.  With three programmable tones,   it offers above-average functionality.

Decorative wired door   gong

With a white cover, rectangular grooves and beveled edges, this door   carries a subtle sophistication.  It   works well with both classic and contemporary styles.  It has good functionality with two   programmable tones.  With cables   connected to a 16 volt transformer, the chimes do not depend on   batteries.  Thus, it offers a more   reliable service compared to battery-operated carillons.

Portable   wireless pilot doorbell kit

A doorbell that features versatility and portability.  Since it’s battery operated and comes with   a receiver and push button, it’s a doorbell that you can take with you   wherever you go.  With an elegant and   inconspicuous design, fitting into a style is no problem.  It’s also versatile as you can either leave   it on a flat surface or hang it up.

Wooden game with   tubes

With a finely crafted wooden cover and pipes with a brass coating,   this wooden game exudes a bold classic atmosphere.  Apart from the first class appearance, it   offers excellent functionality.  It has   an adjustable volume control and codes to choose to eliminate interference.  Since it is battery operated and has   wireless control, dealing with complicated wiring is no   problem.