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Decorating your window with roman shades

Decorating your window with roman shades

The   Roman Shades are beautiful, flexible window shade treatment option that adds   texture, vibrancy, and color to a room. They provide a practical choice,   insulation, light filtration and also privacy. There are many styles and   choices of Roman Shades used to decorate your window. Depending on your   choice you can choose, there is traditional, casual or contemporary   look.

Types of Roman Shades

The Roman shades can either be flat or hobbled. You can select the   style of your desire from these types. Flat roman shades are the ones which   are preferred by many people. This may be because they create a clean and   uncluttered look which makes them fit the modern homes.

However, the hobbled Roman shades are proffered for the formal   sitting or dining room areas. This is because the hobbled Roman shades create   a look of grandeur and also add texture.

You should consider the roman shades which are made of fabric.   This is because the fabric gives clean, crisp folds as the shade are raised   or lowered. You can also consider the style which suits you. For example, the   top down/bottom up. This allows you to lower your shade from the top as well   as raise it like a normal shade.

It is important to decide whether you want the shade to block   completely light or if you desire the light to come through even if they are   closed. You can also consider the color of the Roman shade. The color of the   Roman shade should, therefore, match the color pattern of your   room.