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Deck Boxes & Patio Storage

Deck Boxes & Patio Storage

If you have one small garden or   terrace, you could have one Multipurpose storage   solution.  Deck Box   benches combine a storage space with additional   seating.

These are available in various different   lengthsThis means you can easily find something that suits   your specific needs.  Lots of benches   come with me Back and armrests for extra   comfort.

Designed to lie horizontally with a hinged lid   Chests or standard deck boxes are both   versatile and beautifully compact.  For regular storage, they are and can be a   good choice moved as needed.

There is multiple styles and colorsSo   you should be able to find one that will easily suit your   space.

Cabinets or vertical deck boxes Stand   upright with the doors opening outward.    These are excellent if you need more   space.

You can also consider one of these Easily organize   and access your articles – Some people struggle to get into   the lower memory or don’t like to rummage around to find things. 

  • Do you want something by the pool?

If you are looking for something House only a few   piecescan you a Towel rack or valet   parking. The Storage space is limitedbut   that’s how it is Amount of space taken up in your yard.