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Contemporary home decor tips

Contemporary home decor tips

Contemporary   décor is sometimes a bit confusing to get right. It is a mixture of modern   décor’s clean lines (though in contemporary homes, the lines are not as harsh   as those of modern homes) with open spaces, casual atmospheres, neutral   colors and materials inspired by nature. You can add a bit of contemporary   decor to your modern décor with these tips.


Contemporary décor relies on neutral colors such as brown, taupe,   white, beige and cream. You can try adding a throw or cushion on your sofa   that has one of these colors that will match the sofa. Others still find it   useful to have an area rug or a part of wall painted with neutral colors. The   area rugs should however be geometrically patterned.


Lighting is more of an artistic statement in contemporary home   décor. Thus, use lamps that have straight lines and sleek looks, which should   mostly be of metallic finishing. The colors should also be neutral   colors.


Contemporary homes use furniture that is clean, smooth with   geometric shapes. This furniture is often uncluttered and simple, lacking any   hint of decoration. Materials used can be of birch or maple wood, which have   very little graining and come light in color. Fabrics used on the furniture   should preferably be natural fabrics such as jute, silk or   wool.

A minimalist look should also be adhered to when decorating your   home with contemporary décor. Thus, less is always more. Avoid having   excessive decorations or carved details and instead go for a bare and   structural look.