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The Versatile Appeal of Console and Sofa

The Versatile Appeal of Console and Sofa Tables

Depending on which room you keep them in, different styles of   decoration will work better:

  • Are you looking for a way to upgrade your living   room?

The living room is just the place for the traditional style of   console and coffee tables. Made from ornate wood with a dark   wood finish, these tables are impressive. Instead of tucking them   between a sofa and a wall, place them with fancy table lamps to grab   attention.

  • Do you need a practical surface in your   hallway?

Modern console tables made of glass or polished chrome combine   well with the limited space of a hallway. Sleek tables with   clean lines and simple design are perfect for creating a small ledge on which   to store keys and other miscellaneous items near the   entrance.

  • Do you need a way to display the china in your   dining room?

For all furniture in the dining room, you need a balance between   form and function. Transitional style console tables are   decorative without being overly ornate, with rounded corners and a dark wood   finish that is great for a stylish dining   area.

  • Do you want practical storage space in your   bedroom?

The bedroom is hardly the place for sumptuous decorations.  The console tables used here should reflect   this design ethos. Contemporary light wood or metal tables are   best for a small dressing table or desk next to your   bed.