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Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor

Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor

The word kitchen is almost synonymous with the word home because   the kitchen is where food is prepared and the family often gathers to   eat.  If the rich aroma of freshly   brewed coffee is creating visions in your kitchen, you may be interested in   coffee-themed kitchen furnishings.  The   themed kitchen décor ranges from cups or plates decorated to match a theme,   to curtains, tablecloths and window curtains.    You can use your theme as an accent or you can focus deeply on it and   have it inflated in your kitchen.  If   your theme is coffee, start with the wonderful aroma of freshly ground and   brewed coffee and accent it with cups, plates, fun wall hangings and even   your tablecloth and curtains.

Focus on coffee

Coffee is not just a drink.    It is also a plant that is an important part of the economy in the   areas where it is grown.  So you can   branch from steaming cups and piles of coffee beans to take travel photos of   coffee plantations.  But if you’re a   real fan of the drink that is brewed from the rich brown beans, you’ll love   the many options you have to celebrate this invigorating drink.  You will undoubtedly enjoy your coffee hot   or cold.  Maybe you take it black –   recommended by dietitians for people who want to lose weight, or maybe you   like it sweetened and / or well filled with milk or cream.  Perhaps you will enjoy your brew flavored   with cinnamon or flavored with hazelnut or fruit.  The variety of flavors that will satisfy   demanding palates is almost unlimited.

The agony of choice

Coffee lovers are spoiled for choice, it’s no wonder you want to   decorate your kitchen with depictions of this wonderful drink.  The variety in which it can be enjoyed is   almost unlimited, as is the choice of kitchen decorations.  From comfy pillows for your bar stools to   fun wall hangings and everything in between, you can have your coffee –   whatever you want – and refer to it as you prepare meals in the space that   has long been considered the heart of the house .  So let’s take a nice mug and check out some   coffee-themed kitchen decorations.

Celebrate your favorite beverage with a themed metal wall   decoration from Andover Mills that features a steaming coffee cup on a   saucer.  The cup and saucer are   splattered with refreshing Impressionist artwork, including a red tree   against a light blue background.  The   steam rising from the cup is represented by three metal spirals rising from   the cup as if they were hot.

Another offering from Andover Mills is a sparkling coffee cup and   saucer with the word “café” in sparkling stones on the side of the cup.  No steam on this one – just a stylized   sculpture perfect to hang in your breakfast nook.  These sparkling gems and a mug of your   favorite brew should be a boost to your perfect morning.

Simple wall   hanging “It’s coffee time”

You’re in the kitchen so it must be coffee time.  Celebrate it with a “It’s Coffee Time” wall   hanging from Adeco Trading.  The sign   resembles worn boards and is decorated with the words “It’s coffee time”.  The background color is raw umber, the word   “coffee” is in sepia, and the other letters are white, which   creates an attractive understatement.

Decorate that empty spot or ugly place that always seems to be in   your sight while doing boring and homely chores like washing dishes with a   coffee mug on the wall of Alcott Hill.    Vines of steam rise from a stylized teacup and bear metal letters that   mean “coffee”.

Drink coffee wall   decoration

Tasteful sepia wall hanging from Adeco Trading proclaims, “Drink   coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy.” This crazy saying is sure   to provoke a conversation in the kitchen while you sip your favorite drink,   such as “What stupid things? “.    “Does faster mean reckless or fast boring tasks?”  Either way, it’s a cute sign, perfect for   embellishing a blank wall.

Coffee timer

While coffee time is almost always – unless you’re sleepless on   your way to bed – there are times when you need to know what time it really   is.  A Westclox coffee clock tells you   the time of day.  A charming wall clock   in the shape of a cup of coffee with steam rising from the   cup.

Dad is in   the kitchen. Non-slip carpet

Floors should not be neglected when decorating.  The Ottoman Siesta Collection includes a   fun runner rug with Dad in the Kitchen.    An Italian chef twirls a thin mustache while protruding a large,   steaming saucepan.  However, it’s only   possible that his drink isn’t coffee – judging by the bottles that flank the   large jug.  Regardless, this soft   carpet can protect your feet and reduce wear and tear in high-traffic   areas.

Black   coffee silhouette decoration for restaurant or for home

This eye-catching 3D metal sculpture is reminiscent of a seasoned   waitress balancing a stack of steaming coffee cups.  The sculpture shows a slightly swaying   stack of cups and saucers, from which plumes of steam rise up on the   top.  It’s so detailed you can almost   smell the aroma of rich, well-brewed coffee beans, cream, and   sugar.

Tin kitchen fun   sign

Made in Germany, this funny enamel on the tin sign contains a   stack of graduated cups.  The lowest   and largest cup is marked with “Café”, the next with a checkerboard pattern   with the word “Cappuccino” and the uppermost, smallest cup with the word   “Expresso”.  The bright sign is perfect   to liven up a dark corner at home or in a breakfast   restaurant.

Cafe espresso stacked   cups

This charming painting shows a stack of swaying cups with the   legend “Café Espresso” on the bottom.    The 5 x 11 inch size makes it perfect for that tight space that just   never seems to work with anything.    Made with wood from Little Store of Home Décor, it’s easy to hang and   durable enough for a busy kitchen.