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Choose teal rug for your beautiful house

Choose teal rug for your beautiful house

“TEAL RUG” means the fabric of a   house. A piece of thick heavy cloth smaller than a carpet for covering part   of a floor is called rug. If you are so much concerning about the decoration   of your house, RUG is the important part of a house. It makes the house clean   and attractive. We should choose a rug according to room’s area, wall’s color   and print. We can showcase it near the bed, sofa area or dining area   etc.

 There are various   varieties of materials available in the market. The material of rug should be   soft and shiner. It should be pleasant in color for eyes. Pleasant colors   make mood good. In a bedroom, it should be of soft fabric like pile. It   creates soft and romantic feeling to the couples. In kid’s room, it should be   dark in color because kids can make it dirty. In the dining area, it should   be well designed so that it can attract everyone.

Here is showcasing some   verity to make easy to choose a rug here:

  • Small size rug– We can use near the   door this types of rug. It keeps house clean and dry. In a small size room, a   small rug should be used. It makes room big. We can use two rugs for a large   room. It creates two separate areas. We can use a small rug in the kitchen to   runners for hallways.
  • A different color for rug-Green is   the color of ambition. Brown is rich and fertile like soil. Light blue looks   young. Yellow is lively and happy. So rug can be chosen according to   demand.