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Cherry flooring for exceptional quality

Cherry flooring for exceptional quality

Cherry   flooring is crafted to add quality and elegance. With beautiful rich colors,   classy air and hardwood cherry floors, add luxury to any place.  There   is nothing like a cherry hardwood floor with fine grain and satiny texture to   give an elegant and distinctive look. Whether it is the living room or the   dining room or any other room in your home where you want to set up an   elegant setting cherry hardwood is available in a variety of colors from   reddish brown to clear natural dark. It is available in wide and narrow plank   sizes. Your floor can be designed to any design that you like with the wide   variety of color options and plank sizes to match your furnishings. Cherry   hardwood is sensitive to light although it is beautiful and has an appeal   that is timeless. When this wood is exposed to direct sunlight it has a   tendency to darken. Area rugs can be used to protect along with curtains and   blinds to filter the light.

Benefits of Cherry Flooring

This floor is easy to maintain and clean as dirt does not stick to   this floor. Unlike carpets this floor also does not accumulate any stuff that   gives rise to allergies. This floor will remain for a long time to come. This   floor is tough, strong and does not easily get dented or scratched if   anything should fall on the floor. It is also available in many colors so you   have a wide range to choose. With Hardwood Cherry flooring the added   advantage is that if you are tired of the existing color you can sand it and   get it redone in any other color that you like. If you should decide to sell   the house cherry flooring increases the worth of the house. This wood   flooring can be used with any style and décor.

Disadvantages of Cherry   Flooring

It is quite expensive to use cherry flooring as only natural   materials are used. Not everybody can afford this expense. It is a bit time   consuming to install as it done in strips. Most people have it professionally   installed so there is added expense. If this flooring is cleaned and damp   mopped for a long time it will lose its shine. Wax has to be applied to this   flooring using a certain machine. The hardwood can become slippery to walk   with socks.T his flooring is very vulnerable to humidity and   moisture

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