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Cabinets And Chests

Cabinets And Chests

This is a crucial step in choosing a closet for your home.  While you want the closet to be a statement   piece, you don’t want it to be a completely random choice as it can conflict   with other furniture.  Below are some   of the most popular styles that are available to you – choose them   wisely!

Do you want to keep it simple?  => Scandinavian   style

The Scandinavian style is Everything about straight,   vertical and horizontal lines to create a clean   look.

These closets have no embellishment as their focus   is on practicality rather than fashionalthough they come in a   wide variety of colors.

Many people have become familiar with this style   because of the Ikea brandwho specialize in this style of   furniture.

This is one of the cheapest options   for closets, although it usually is Chipboard or plywood   instead of real wood.

Would you like a touch of elegance and   sophistication?  => French   provincial style

This is also known as the vintage style most   expensive style of cupboards and chests, and rightly   so!

French provincial style cabinets are always made of   real, robust wood with metal and glass   accents.

They come in a range of colors, from natural dark   wood to painted white with gold details.

These closets can last several lifetimes   They are incredibly robust and are often passed down through   generations.

Do you enjoy a cozy, hut-like atmosphere?  => Rustic   style

Cabinets are rustic style left a little unfinished   on purpose or made to look worn out.

This is because this style is The focus was on   trying to present the materials used in their most natural   state.

These cabinets are usually a natural wood color, but can be   chipped white, gray or green paint.

Just like vintage style cabinets, rustic cabinets will last   multiple lifetimes as they are made real, unprocessed   wood.

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