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Bewitching brazilian cherry hardwood

Bewitching brazilian cherry hardwood

Along   with a robust culture, Brazil is synonymous with some of the most exotic   species of the plant kingdom. Of them the hardwood tree Jatoba is the   unmistakable winner. This hardwood is considered to be the most luxurious   flooring option because of its bewitchingly dramatic blood-orange color. This   lovely wood is better known by its misnomer- Brazilian cherry. It is not a   cherry tree- it is referred to by this name because of its luxurious cherry   color.  The name “Brazilian cherry” was adopted for the American market   since Jatoba hardwood resembled the domestic cherry hardwood.

Properties     Jatoba wood was first imported to the United States from   Brazil about 20 years ago to cater to the needs of the furniture   makers.  However, the exceptional hardness and density, combined with   its beautiful color, made it a perfect wood for flooring. When freshly cut,   the heartwood ranges in colors from salmon red to orange brown. On seasoning,   it eventually darkens to a deeper russet red interspersed with dark brown   streaks. It acquires a luxurious golden luster which adds a layer of depth   that makes Jatoba hardwood breathtakingly bewitching. The Brazilian cherry   wood is twice as hard as the red oak, which is the benchmark against which   the hardness of all other wood is compared.


Brazilian cherry wood is resistant to scratches, dents and high   traffic wear. Its hardness makes it synonymous with durability and will last   for decades (since many historical homes boast of this wood being used in   their original flooring, the life of this flooring can span centuries). The   Brazilian cherry traps far less amounts of pollen, mites, mold, animal dander   and other allergens making it a healthy flooring choice. It is pest resistant   and is therefore a wise flooring investment.


The Brazilian wood is a practical choice when it comes to many   building and carpentry work like flooring, making cabinets, furniture,   support structures, acoustics and other special objects. However, extreme   care and caution must be exercised while installing the floor as gaps might   occur while nailing the boards on account of its hardness. Enlisting   professional help for the installation would be a wise option. Brazilian   cherry is a premium natural product and is much sought after, not only for   its hardness and durability, but also for its bewitching   beauty.


Owing to its sturdiness and the myriad hues of bewitching browns,   it is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial usage.   Brazilian cherry wood being a premium natural flooring product may not fit   every budget.  However, the beautifully warm and bewitchingly exotic   look of Jatoba hardwood flooring – or Brazilian cherry – can be created using   laminate flooring.