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Creating Your Dream Bedroom with a
Complete Set

Creating Your Dream Bedroom with a Complete Set

Bedroom sets are available in many different combinationsThis is especially useful if you already own a particular item or, on the contrary, don’t need one.

These are the most popular pieces of furniture that are usually included in a set:

  • bed: The core of your bedroom, it will be the first thing that gets your attention when you enter.  So make sure you do Find a stylish bed frame that you won’t get tired of.

They are mainly available in standard designs, more eye-catching sled shapes, storage models or majestic canopies.

Design aside, so must you Choose between standard and platform bed frames: Standard models with fewer slats are cheaper, but require the purchase of a box spring (or one that you already have) as they are not robust enough to support a mattress directly.  Platform beds can be made up of either a solid base or a higher number of slats (less than 2.5 inches apart), which means that while they are slightly more expensive, you don’t have to buy a separate box spring bed.

do not forget that Most bedroom sets do this Not This includes a mattress: If you already have one, be sure to check the measurements to make sure they are compatible with the kit you like to look like.

  • Bed stand: Most bedroom sets come with a bed stand, but you can usually choose to add more.

We recommend measuring the exact space in which you plan to put your bed and bed bases and subtracting the length of the bed included in a given set to know how much space to play with.

However, stay on the small side to leave some space between them and avoid feeling cluttered.

  • Dresser: This is your main storage space, or it could even be the only large piece of drawer-based furniture if you don’t need a dresser (maybe you already have a large mirror in the room or feel like a separate piece of furniture doesn’t leave much space?).

We recommend doing a quick inventory of your possessions so you can figure out how many drawers you will need.

  • Dresser: This piece of furniture can provide you with additional storage space or even steal the function of a dresser if you prefer to opt for a wider and shorter design with a mirror.