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Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Bed Frame

Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Bed Frame

A bed frame is the basic support for your mattress.  Bed frames lift your mattress off the floor   and provide a stable base that frames the edges of your mattress.  Not only will these beautiful pieces of   furniture help you get the most out of your mattress, they are also available   in beautiful styles that can transform any bedroom.

What   are the different types of bed frames?


this is that Most standard, affordable and durable   bed frame types.  It can   be extremely simple and can provide the necessary need for a box spring and   mattress set.  However, there is   potential for a stylish version of the metal frame – Some   styles include curves, bright colors, and other accentsand   offers strong support that compliments your furnishing style and ranges from   shabby chic to bohemian.


These bed frames complement a modern, minimalist   style.  They are very   deep on the groundThis makes them attractive to   children and small pets who like to jump into bed and cuddle with you.  That kind of bed frame does   not require a box spring bed and usually does not include a   head or foot section.  However, you can   always add these extra pieces if you prefer.

Canopy bed / low poster  

This bed frame style has four posts that extend up from each   corner of the bed giving your bedroom a more elegant, refined   feeling.  They can be   high or low as you wish.  The higher   the posts, the more your bed becomes the focal point of the bedroom.  This high-poster bed frame   can also be paired with a canopys to add an   ethereal feel to your bedroom.


This bed frame style is highly functional and includes different   types of models so you can find the perfect flair to complement its practical   functionality.  Some have   built-in shelves for books and other decorative   items.  Some platform style beds are   included built-in drawers This is where you can   store everything from extra blankets to vacuum-sealed items out of   season.  A fantastic solution for   Children’s room and small bedroom.


This type of bed frame is made of fabric from top to bottom.  Fabric types include:

  •     leather for a clean, manly   appearance;
  •     Cotton canvas and linen for an easy upgrade   that offers enveloping comfort;
  •     velvet for a luxurious and sensual addition to   any room.

How   should a mattress fit on a bed frame?

In one word: cozy.  Your mattress should be the size of the bed   frame to ensure the best possible fit.    For example, if you have a full size mattress and your chosen bed   frame is only available in queen size, then you can Expect gaps   on the sides.  Same goes   for king size mattresses and California king size bed frames!  The dimensions are similar but   differ.

This doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but this one   Gaps are known to trap objects like phones and   socks, and worst of all, tiny feet and paws.    Always double-check the dimensions before making your final purchase   so your bed frame and mattress match (and are safe!).

How do I   determine the correct bed frame size?

A bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom and   can easily overwhelm a smaller space.    To make sure you don’t make you feel claustrophobic,   Place the mattress in the designated place.  Walk around the room and see how you   feel.

If you don’t have any furniture in the bedroom yet,   Try putting pieces of tape down to get a rough   understanding of how the furniture will fit in the bedroom.  If it’s too tight for your comfort, try   scaling it down.

Make sure you Take into account all parts of the bed   frame that extend further than the mattressAs is the case with   some platform style bed frames and storage bed frames with drawers that   require space to open fully.

leaving at least 30 inches around each   side and at the end of the bed.  To the a more luxurious   feeling, allow a minimum of 36 inches.

Platform bed   versus box spring – which is better?

This is a matter of personal preference.  To help you decide, below are some   advantages and disadvantages of each style:

Platform bed


  • The mattress sits directly on the bed frame.  does not require an additional box spring   bed
  • The ideal choice for memory foam and latex   mattresses
  • Provides options for storage
  • Circulates the air and keeps the mattress cooler all year   round
  • Complements a modern and elegant interior style


  • These bed frames sit close to the floor and affect people with   mobility issues who have difficulty getting into and out of   bed
  • Moving and moving furniture can be more   difficult

Box spring bed


  • Provides extra height and makes getting in and out   easier
  • Distributes and absorbs body weight better
  • Prevents the mattress from sagging
  • Offer a more traditional appearance


  • Additional costs on the bed frame
  • Over time it loses support and needs to be   replaced
  • Not limited to any storage space under the bed

How   do I choose a bed frame that fits your existing interior   style?

You may have already decided on a furnishing style and want to   make sure that your new bed frame goes perfectly with the existing   decor.  Or, you’re working with a clean   canvas and you’re not sure which bed frame style will best suit your personal   preferences.

Don’t worry – we have everything for you!  Check out some the most   common furnishing styles below and our suggested bed frame styles   that expertly complement each other.


This interior design style is Modern’s rebellious sister.  You can get inspiration from a progressive   theme and bring in current trends with reckless devotion.  Choose to complement a contemporary setting   a platform bed – with or without headboard.  Don’t be shy curved lines or   strong colorsas these features illustrate the contemporary   style.


This style brings colors that are reminiscent of a summer day on   the beach.  The color palette consists   mainly of neutral, sandy beiges and light blues and greens.  However, you have freedom here with bed   frame materials light wood surfaces are   preferred;;  Just make   sure you stick with beach colors like creams, beige, and blue.  ONE simple bed frame with   slatted headboard will look wonderful in coastal aesthetics.  


The bohemian style is non-apologetic, eclectic and colorful.  What about the perfect bed frame for this   decor?  The answer lies in your heart –   listen to his wishes! Curved lines, platform styles, bold jewel   tones and metallic finishes are all welcome here.  If this is your aesthetic, you already know   very well that anything is possible as long as you love it!


This furnishing style brings nature inside.  think Wood tones, leather and   stone.  Every bed frame   with a wooden surface, clean or in need, fits well into a rustic   environment.  An upholstered leather   bed frame also goes well with this style.

Shabby chic

This style gives every room a feminine elegance.   Soft, curved metal bed frames go well with this   design style, along with padded styles.    Think of bright colors like White and   pastels.  If it has a   vintage feel it will go perfectly with the design elements of that   style.

French country

This style is a marriage of shabby chic elements, farmhouse   elements, and antique French elements.    It effortlessly conveys maturity, stability and a clean   self-confidence. Light colors, neutral colors and   antique-inspired curves complement this style   well.


This furnishing style emphasizes simplicity, sophistication and   functionality.  think   Solid colors and clear lines.  A simple platform bed frame – without a   headboard – goes perfectly with the minimalist style.  It’s not a fuss, it does its job and keeps   your walls clean.

How   do you choose a bed frame for your guest room or children’s   room?

Try to double it.  A bed   with a trundle offers additional space for guests   and children and can be easily stowed away when not in use.  When setting up for the casual guest, you   optimize your space.  When shopping for   a guest bed, you have a few additional options.  For example, you can choose a day bed frame   to be placed in your office.  This   provides a comfortable sitting area when you are not around and a plush bed   to give guests a great night’s sleep.

What material   should my bed frame be?

The choice of materials for a bed frame depends entirely on your   personal needs and preferences:

  • Soft, padded materials will forgive   if you have young children who like to wake you up with lively jumps on the   bed – and who might just want to hit your headboard with their delicate   little heads.

  • However, if you have a furry family member who loves to scratch,   padded options may not be that practical.    To avoid scratched furniture, you can choose a more solid material   like distressed wood or metal.

  • Wooden bed frame Not only are they   handy for homes with pets, they can also really classify a room.  They are sturdy and beautiful and bring   warm tones to your bedroom.

  • If your main concern is durability, a metal   frame is an obvious choice.    Metal frames often complement more modern interiors and add a sleek   feel to your bedroom with the right design and color.

  • If you are one Leather furniture   Enthusiast (faux leather is great too!) Keep in mind that the bed frame style   may be limited.  Usually leather is   mainly used for platform and sled style bed frames.  So make sure this fits into your overall   design vision.

    Also keep in mind that real leather requires special care.  Make sure you stock up on leather cleaners   to keep your bed frame in like new condition.

What   type of mattress goes best with each bed frame style?

Platform beds of various varieties are designed primarily for   Memory foam mattresses – This is because they   offer the ideal support via slats.  Any   type of mattress can be placed on a platform bed, however – as long as you   are comfortable and sleep through the night, that’s all that   matters.

Metal platform bed frames work well with standard   Spring mattresses, memory foam and hybrid mattresses.  They’re pretty versatile and allow you to   choose from several varieties as long as you can find comfort.  If you choose to use a traditional metal   frame, be sure to include that one a box spring   to ensure proper support and weight distribution.


Since you spend an almost unbelievable amount of time in   bed throughout your life, it makes perfect sense for you to choose a bed   frame that perfectly matches your mattress style, is aesthetically pleasing   and inviting, and is happy every time you look at it.  Regardless of the existing design elements   in your home, you can choose the most complementary and welcoming bed frame   to complete your bedroom.