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Beach Or Lawn Chair

Beach Or Lawn Chair

Since beach and garden chairs are mainly used outdoors, they   should be manufactured weatherproof, very durable   materials so they will last a long time.  It would also be preferable if you didn’t   have to worry about bringing them in or covering them every time it   rained!

You have to pick the perfect material for that   frame as well as a good material for that   Padding or webbing.  Let’s start with the frame:

A good frame should be made of Aluminum, stainless   steel, iron, plastic or wood.    If you choose to use metal, make sure it is treated properly so it   won’t rust after a rain.  Wood also   needs to be sealed to ensure that it won’t rot after years of exposure to   moisture.

Plastic might not be considered very fancy, but it actually is   Perfect, inexpensive and low-maintenance material for a beach   or garden chair. It’s also lightweight, which means you can   move the chair around to catch the sun or entertain in whatever way you   choose.

For the padding or the webbing, your options are likely to be more   limited: you’ll find options out of which treated duck canvas   or vinyl material.  Both   are available in many different patterns and colors.  Vinyl is more durable, but treated duck   canvas is softer.  ONE   good middle ground Perhaps choose a webbing or   vinyl padding and extra duck fabric pillows or cushions for added   comfort!

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