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An overview of le parquet flooring

An overview of le parquet flooring


In case you are thinking about remodeling the floor at your house, there are many options you may consider. If you are looking for something that is beautiful and inexpensive, going for le parquet flooring is a good call. It has a rich history and has been in use for many centuries now.

Le parquet flooring today

The parquet flooring these days is available in the form of parquet panels and solid parquets. Both of these forms are manufactured using different types of woods including walnut, mahogany, pine and oak. Solid le parquet is made up of wooden blocks which are glued together to form different patterns. The most common and most popular pattern among all is the herringbone pattern. It’s usual thickness is between ¾ inches to 5/8 inches. Instead of being nailed down, it is glued down to the surface while installing it. Panels of parquet flooring comprise of hardwood veneers which are glued onto the surface of less expensive wooden materials like plywood. Veneers are also known as wear layers and come in a thickness between ¼ inch to 1/16 inch. They are installed over the surface using glue and following the pattern of groove and tongue joints.

Usual cost

Parquet flooring is available in a variety of different price ranges that vary on the basis of the quality of the product. The price tag starts off from as low as 0.99 dollars for every square foot and goes all the way to more than 60 dollars a square foot. The price is devised on the basis of the fact if the parquet comprises of veneer or solid material, the type of wood it is made up of, and the thickness and size of the wood. Le parquet flooring made up of solid wood is more expensive in comparison to that made up of veneers. But you might want to consider that solid wood has a longer life time as you can easily refinish the surface of the floor using a sand paper which is impossible in case of the flooring made out of veneers. Parquet flooring is also available in medallion wood which is a very exotic and expensive type of wood. Such type of parquet flooring costs a lot more than the other usual types.


Different warranty tenures are provided for different types of la parquet floorings. Some of these floorings provide lifetime coverage while the cheaper ones can provide you a warranty for as many as 25 years.

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