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An overview of hickory hardwood flooring

An overview of hickory hardwood flooring


There are several choices that may be opted while selecting a good   flooring for your house. Hickory hardwood flooring is one of these options.   Hickory comes with a hardness rating as high as 1820 which makes it one of   the toughest and strongest choices to adopt as a flooring material for your   house. Hickory grains are closed and tightly packed together which makes it   stronger. Moreover, this tight structure makes hickory appear to be less   grainy. So in case you are not a fan of grainy wooden floorings like oak,   going for hickory hardwood flooring is a nice option.

It is available in a variety of different colors like creamy and   white. You can also have it custom made in the color you like the most. Some   other features of hickory are discussed in the paragraphs   below.

Features of Hickory Hardwood   Flooring


This flooring is available in different grades. The price goes up   when the grade gets higher. Lower grades are the cheapest and have several   burls, defects and knots in their structure. All these flaws in the structure   of lower graded flooring end up giving it quite a rustic   look.

If you are confused about how to make the right grading choice   while buying this type of flooring, you need to consider the overall   appearance of the room. If you want something smooth, you should buy a high   graded floor and if you are looking for something rough and rustic, you   should probably stick with a low graded floor.


Hickory is less stable in comparison to other types of hardwood.   This is due to its properties of contracting, swelling and moving. But even   then, the cool part is that you may get rid of this issue by giving the   flooring some time to get itself adjusted according to the environment of the   room. It is highly recommended to give it a time of at least 4 to 5 days   before installation. After it is installed, you may prolong its life time by   taking good care of the surface and by cleaning up any stains as well as   liquid spills the moment they happen.


It is a difficult task to sand your hickory hardwood flooring as   sanding leaves marks that can be seen easily. So, the best you can do is to   take a piece of smooth damp cloth and rub it over the surface of the floor to   get rid of any stains and dirt.

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