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An overview of country décor

An overview of country décor

Country   décor is a décor type which features practical, cozy, handmade furniture   having simple lines. It is dominated by wood and iron pieces while a lot of   low maintenance and sensible fabrics are used for curtains, chairs and sofas.   Commonly used accessories include quilts, farm implements and roosters,   etc.

Country décor has a huge fan club. It is considered to be one of   the most refreshing and relaxing types of decors and features a large variety   of styles like American, Italian, Swedish and French designs. This article   would allow you to understand the basics of country décor so that you may be   able to make the right decision about your house’s décor.

Americana Country Decor

This type of décor makes use of patriotic elements like the use of   classical white paint along with blue and red shades. Rugs, pillows and   quilts are essential pieces of this décor and stripes and stars are the common   themes.

Primitive Country   Decor

This décor is much similar to the American colonial design and   depicts the developing America. The theme is to make use of some traditional   and conservative stuff rather than the modern furniture.

Western Country Decor

This décor type is incorporated with a lot of leather and wood.   The commonly used color schemes include green-gray, maroon, black, tan and   brown colors. This style is one of the most authentic Native American   styles.

Modern country décor

This design presents traditional and conservative stuff in a   modern and contemporary way. It is a blend of vintage and contemporary at the   same time.