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Alluring linoleum flooring or lino

Alluring linoleum flooring or lino flooring

The linoleum flooring or the lino   flooring was first manufactured in the year 1863 following its invention, but   it was only a boom up to late 1950’s, but before theses years it was the most   popular and best available flooring options which were also aesthetic in look   and rich people used to have this lino flooring options to show their class   and richness. But then the problem started arising that the linoleum was very   brittle and certain cracks started appearing in the lino flooring. Apart from   cracks the other problem was the formation of curls in the   floor.

These two problems led to   the degradation of the demand of the material and it was then known as a   material with very low quality. But now in present scenario of time, lino   flooring is considered important again as the present lino is better than the   earlier lino and also it is less brittle and also there are very lesser   chances of cracks and curls in today’s lino flooring.

In this present time, this   lino flooring is very efficient and highly durable as the process of   manufactured has been changed and also the positive benefits of this material   are more than the negative points. Some of the characteristics of this lino   flooring are –

Lifecycle or   durability –

Scratches and dents have to   face a big resistance from this flooring and also the durability is also   increased with the change in the manufacturing process of the older times.   And also with proper maintenance, the curls effects can be reduced as the use   of these lino floors with installation of really water tight effect reduces   the curling effect and makes the life of this lino flooring more   durable.

Moisture or water   content –

The linoleum floor also   possesses the property of being porous and it contains small pores which can   allow the passage of the water through them and that can deteriorate the   quality of the floor. To prevent this problem, one should make the sealing of   these flooring options more accurately and precisely.

Level of comfort   –

These lino floorings are   really soft and couldn’t cause any pain and discomfort to the one who stands   on it for a long period of time. There is problem in which the floor becomes   cold in cold temperature that can make it more brittle, but this problem is   also solved by the lino flooring as these floors remains warm and comfy even   in very low temperatures.

Styles of lino   flooring –

There are many shades and   colors in which these lino floors are available in the market and there are   many styles also in which one can get and install these amazing and aesthetic   looking lino floorings.