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Airplane Propeller Decor

Airplane Propeller Decor

If you know someone who is interested in airplanes, who creates   and exhibits models, or who loves to fly, airplane propeller decor offers   many options for gifts.  If you are the   person, you are spoiled for choice between single, double, triple and   quadruple propellers.  Add posters,   framed pictures, and wall art for a coordinated decor that goes with an   aviation theme or even a nautical theme.    Somehow, the idea of ??flying is always inspiring, whether it’s a bird   or an airplane.

Single / double blade propeller

These are often three or four feet long, which makes them a great   way to highlight a skyscape with flying machines.  They can also be used to make a statement   in a tight wall space that would otherwise be empty.  Since the originals had different colors,   these artistic replicas are also available in different colors.  They can be made of wood or metal.  Make sure you have some surface clearance   as these are three dimensional.

Triple and quadruple propellers

Not all propellers were one long piece with blades on each   end.  Some had three blades, some even   four.  As propeller blades turn, they   seem to multiply until they blur into a circle of motion.  Artistic representations of these blades   combine realism with fantasy, as well as the use of color and   distress.

Framed photos, paintings and murals

The combination of decorative propeller blades with photos,   paintings and murals creates a uniform theme for room decoration.  Add some ropes and stanchions, lounge   chairs on the beach, and maybe a seagull or two for a look reminiscent of the   English Channel or the shores of New England where a successful flight has   been tested and eventually achieved.    Below are ten decorating ideas for anyone who loves flying.  The propellers, pictures and the mural are   an inspiration for your aviation interior.    There might even be a boat propeller or two in the mix.  Sea and sky mix very well, especially small   planes that sail across the vast ocean into the vast blue over there.  Admire these decorations and let yourself   dream of distant places, achievements and stories of daring   deeds.

Wood plane   propeller

Elevate your local aeronaut’s environment with a four-foot wooden   replica of an airplane propeller.  Prop   is brown with a touch of red, with nail head decoration around the central   hole.  Great for a piece of blank wall   that needs an extra touch.  It should   delight anyone interested in aviation or the history of flight, both girls   and boys.

Four-bladed   wooden aircraft propeller with gold accents

Enjoy the appearance of an old airplane propeller on your   wall.  The four-bladed propeller is   carved from pine, stained dark brown and connected with a gold-colored center   circle.  The tips of each blade are   also decorated with gold.  It will   likely add value to any study or office of aviation enthusiast, even those   watching from the ground.

Image of   vintage airplane propeller

Adorn a blank wall or liven up a hallway with this black and white   reproduction photo of a vintage airplane propeller.  The image is reprinted on white matte paper   with a narrow black frame.  It’s 20   “x 24” and weighs about seven pounds – so make sure you have a   sturdy picture hanger for this one.

Propeller in beige   and blue wood

Simple propeller shape carved from blond wood and touched with   blue paint.  If artistically   distressed, it is suitable for cladding narrow wall surfaces or as an accent   for larger pieces.  No hole in the   rounded center, but the piece extends to nearly four feet and can be used to   fill any tight space in your decor.

Realistically angled iron metal blades attached to a central   spinner.  This is an offer from Trent   Austin Design and gives a real resemblance to your aeronaut’s wall   decoration.  The device weighs 1.1 lbs   and covers an area of ??22 “by 24” and is 2 “deep.  So plan accordingly when choosing a   place.

Four metal blades attached to a central metal hub.  The blades are painted light brown, with   narrow red bands and wider navy bands with gold tips.  The piece is 45 “by 45” so be   sure to reserve a large section of wall.    This artwork is from Cole and Gray.

Large   vintage Air Plane Propeller 3-part mural

Perfect for that entry wall or large wall in an auditorium or even   your apartment or dormitory.  This   three-part wallum with peel-and-stick will certainly show your interest in   aviation, or at least in large murals.    It’s a quick way to change the look of a room.  It’s easy to use and has little impact on   rental space.

Propeller   with three paddle-shaped blades

Three paddle-shaped blades are attached to a metal center ring.  The blades are brushed matte black, with   white tips and a single stripe parallel to the top of the white tip.  The sculpture is 24 “by 24” and   weighs about a third of a pound.  This   makes it a great choice when light wall decoration is   desired.

Coastal   propeller wall decorations

Beachcrest Home presents three wall decorations for coastal   propellers.  They are silver in color   and can be placed near an entrance, over a desk, or next to a window as an   accent.  Window placement is especially   effective if your window overlooks a seascape.  The sea, the sky and the coastal propellers   form a complementary theme.

Three parallel   flight propellers

Three flight propellers are mounted parallel upright on a   board.  The colors for this display are   different and can easily be adapted to a colorful decor or used as a bright   accent in a more or less monochrome room.    Decorate the back of your desk and entryway or even an alcove with a   lake or aerial photo.