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Advantages to using reclaimed wood

Advantages to using reclaimed wood flooring

If   you want to use something really unique you can consider the use of reclaimed   wood flooring for any part of your home. Reclaimed lumber is lumber that has   been treated and processed, but has already been used for some purpose. It   can come from old crates, boxcars, barns, houses, or any other dismantled   wooden product or structure.


The first two things that come to mind when you consider using   reclaimed wood flooring is the unique aesthetic look that it will give you. I   have seen it used with much success and it always provides the user a product   that grabs attention and receives many compliments. The second thing is that   you are getting genuine wood for a fraction of the original cost so this   could very well turn out to be a worthwhile product to use. Of course you   need to exercise caution and choose all of the wood yourself in order to make   sure that you do not get stuck with wood which has been damaged, is warped,   or decayed.

You will need to make the choice of the type of décor that you   want to accompany the reclaimed wood flooring that you use but when you use   this type of flooring it gives you a wonderful opportunity to add something   totally unique. Many people will utilize this type flooring with an antique   theme or motif but I have seen people use it effectively with a modern theme.   You will also need to consider refinishing this type of wood in order to   create the desired effect. You can always sand it and re-stain it another   color. Refinished wood look exactly like new it if is done correctly. The end   result is a product that looks like an expensive quality   product.


The biggest disadvantages of choosing to use reclaimed wood   flooring is that you will never find another lot exactly like the first one.   It is always a hit or miss deal so you need to be certain that the amount   that you purchase in more than adequate for the job. Also consider that if   you need to make repairs you will have to either replace the entire floor   with a new unique lot of wood, or use wood from a different lot which may or   may not fit your purpose. If I were to use this type of flooring I would be   sure to use it in a very special or significant part of my home. It is too   uncommon of a product and look to use too casually.

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