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About valances

About valances

The   valances are the deep pleated sheets or the borders that are used as a   decorative material attached to the canopy of the bed or frame of the window   in order to cover the area beneath it. The valances are widely used over   windows to enhance the beauty of the windows. Mostly the valances are used as   a decorative drapery that is hung over the windows to enhance the interior   décor of the room.

Mostly the valances are installed in the living rooms over the   frame of the windows to make them more beautiful and eye-catching. These have   a direct impact on the visitors and form a great combination with the   windows.

Styles of valances

There are round nineteen patterns in which the valances can be put   on the windows to make them alluring and eye-catching. The valances are used   in the living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, etc.

The cascade style is the oldest and widely used style in the home.   Accompanying this is the Morracon style, which is difficult to make but is   one of the best styles that will surely catch the attention of the   onlookers.

The scalloped pinched bel style is used for larger windows, which   are covered by bigger valances. Similarly, the scalloped pinched bells top is   another type of style use for the same.

The button and bell style are mostly adopted for the   bedrooms.

The soft dip style and the of dip style with cuffs give a modern   and contemporary look to your room.

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