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A buyers’ guide for solid bamboo flooring

A buyers’ guide for solid bamboo flooring

When   you are constructing your home, you will come across many different flooring   options that you can choose from. All of the different floor types offer   different form of appearance. You therefore have to exercise caution when it   comes to choosing the floor. One of the flooring types that you will come   across is the solid bamboo flooring. The interesting part with this type of   flooring is that it has the same features as wood only that they are more   durable.

Factors to consider

Before you can choose the right flooring for you, there are a few   factors that you can consider. The solid bamboo flooring is easy to install   as all you need is nails and the wood. It may take time to install the floors   using the nails but it produces a more permanent solid floor.

The types of the bamboo  

There are three major types of the bamboo flooring that you can   choose from.

  • Vertical grain flooring; this is the type of floor that has been   made from thin bamboo. The bamboo sticks are usually stacked together and   glued to create a beautiful finish.
  • Flat grain bamboo; this is the most common type of all the three.   It has been made from flat bamboo strips stacked together. To create a more   solid finish, the strips are laminated together.
  • Strand bamboo; It is slightly different for it has been designed   from very thin shredded fiber of bamboo. The fibers are mixed together with   resins and then pressed into hard planks.

Regardless of the type of flooring that you choose, you need to   consider the color and the size of the bamboo. The natural bamboo is usually   available in neutral colors or light blonde. There are also stained bamboo   floor types that you can choose from. These are available in different shaded   of colors.

Cost consideration

All of the bamboo flooring types has different prices. Most of the   time, the price of the bamboo is determined by the thickness of the floor. In   most cases, the thicker the bamboo is the higher the cost. Compared with the   other type of flooring, bamboo is quite pricy. This is because of the   manufacturing process. This is something that you need to pay attention to   when you are choosing the floors.

Most of the bamboo floors come with warranty from the manufactures   and that can affect the final price of the car.

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