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A bedroom interior design should be soft
  and luxurious

A bedroom interior design should be soft and luxurious

Design   your bedroom in a way that it reflects your personality. Whether the size of   a bedroom or small or large, if the interiors are done tastefully you will   love to spend hours there. Colors for the bedroom interiors could be neutral   like beige and grey for a soothing effect. Light colored walls and décor in   your bedroom enhances the feeling of space while darker colors tend to make   the room look smaller. Instead of a king size or a queen size bed space   saving furniture will expand the room and create more place for storage   purposes. Under bed storage can be of great help if there is an issue about   storage. Mirrors can be used in the bedroom to make the room visually   enlarged. The wall behind the bed can be textured in exquisite designs so as   to highlight the headboard. Ethnic lamps on the side tables besides the bed   can give a royal look to the bedroom while providing storage space in the   drawers of the side tables. A wall to wall carpet or a rug at the foot of the   bed looks nice and warm. The lighting fixtures can be placed at such places   so that the room gets ample light when needed. Hanging lights in one corner   or a small chandelier can give a luxurious feel to the room. Alongside create   space for a couple of comfortable chairs or a love seat if needed for some   intimate conversation.  To add a little color to the room put up a nice   painting or a work of art or brighten the room with voile curtain that while   providing privacy will let the sunlight penetrate into the room.

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