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5 things you should know about wood floor

5 things you should know about wood floor refinishing

Infusing   a new life to your hardwood floors is a rewarding process. No matter is it is   a hardwood floor that has graced your house for years or attractive hardwood   floor that was hidden under the carpet, wood floor refinishing process can   add a completely new life to your hardwood floors. As a matter of fact, one   of the most important reasons for the popularity of hardwood floors, is their   refinishing feature which makes them look just like a newly installed   floor.

However, if you are planning a wood floor refinish, here are 5   things that you should keep in mind.

Type of Finish-

There are commonly three different types of wood finishes- polyurethane,   penetrating sealer and varnish. Polyurethane finish will provide the floor   with a plastic-like, shiny finish, varnish for a glossy-matte finish and   penetrating sealer will provide it with a natural look. Also remember that   the penetrating sealer can turn dark with time. However, it offers enhanced   protection to the floor.

Consult a Professional-  

While a lot of DIY-enthusiasts prefer doing the wood floor refinishing   themselves, it is better to consult a professional for doing the job. While   it seems like an easy process, the reality is, smallest of mistakes can   require to start the entire process all over again. Right from buffing,   applying sand to the finish, everything needs to be done precisely to get the   desired results. If you do not have any prior experience with the refinishing   process, let a professional handle the process.

Do Not Buy the Equipments-

If you want to do it yourself, there is no need to buy the   equipments, like duster or sander. There are many hardware shops where you   can rent these equipments. Wood floor refinishing is not something that you   will do twice in a month, so there is no use of buying the equipment. This   will also help in keeping the cost of the entire process low. However, make   sure that you do purchase safety goggles and ventilation masks for   safety.

 Using Sand is NOT   Compulsory-

If there are only minor scratches on your hardwood floor and they   are not even reaching the actual wood, then it is not necessary to sand the   floor. Simply use a buffer for scuff-sanding and apply one or two coats of   finish. This will save you money as well as time.

Keep Sawdust Handy-

If there are protruding nails on the floor which you might have   hammered back, it is better to keep some sawdust from the sanding process   with you. The sawdust can be used to create a putty which can be applied to   fill such damages. This will give a uniform look to the entire   floor.

Remember these 5 things in mind while refinishing the wood floor   as they will make the process easier as well as less time and money   consuming.

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