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Wooden beauty: laminate floors

Wooden beauty: laminate floors

In   this twenty-first century society, one’s house has become a measure of   his/her class and identity. And because of the same reason, people have   become more concerned about the appearance of their houses. Flooring is   indeed an impeccable factor that makes the interior view of a house. Flooring   options which are dashing in appearance and easy on the pocket are not easy   to find. A Laminate Floor is one such option.

Laminate flooring consists of many layers which are held together   by strong chemical adhesives. It usually contains a wooden smooth layer under   a protective synthetic layer. The protective layer ensures that the flooring   is immune to attacks from termites and other insects.

Houses with laminate floors are on the rise because of their low   cost and durability. They cost comparatively less and at the same time enrich   the interior view with the elegance of a wooden floor. Since they are made of   various layers of synthetic stuff, they are far more durable than ordinary   hardwood floors.

They are also hygienic than the conventional wooden floors and   some laminated floors come with an antibacterial/antimicrobial resin coating   on them.

They are also easier to install. They come in form of tongues and   grooves. The installing process involves interlocking the different planks   and sometimes an adhesive is also used to hold the planks strongly in   place.

Even though they can be easily maintained, particles of dust and   dirt can scratch their surface over long periods of time.

Laminate floors will indeed be a wise option for a customer who   wants a combination of class and elegance which fits inside his decent   budget.

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