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Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Once you’ve decided on an ideal vinyl floor, it’s time to install   it.  While it is usually recommended   that you hire an expert to do this for you, it may not always be possible or   you simply want to know the different methods that are out there.  Here are some of the most popular   installation methods and their pros and cons.


  • One method of installing vinyl floors is to Gluing   methodwhere a The glue is spread on the floor   and the floor is laid on top.
  • This method gives the floor a lot of stability and makes it a   perfect option for high-traffic areas such as   hallways.
  • This method too will Help your vinyl floor take   heavy loadsSo you don’t have to worry about heavier furniture   leaving ugly indentations in the floor when you remove it.
  • However, this method does Replacing vinyl floors is   a fairly tedious process – Most of the adhesives used for this   method are Very durable and holds the vinyl floor in place with   surprising strength.    

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