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The pros and cons of maple hardwood

The pros and cons of maple hardwood floors

If   you are looking for a new flooring option, maple hardwood is sure to attract   your fantasy. However, just like every other type of hardwood floors, maple   hardwood also carries a number of advantages and drawbacks. Go through this   post to understand both and then make an informed decision to make sure you   do not end up making a mistake.

Pros of Maple Hardwood   Floors

  • Affordable- Maple hardwood floor are widely available and are   generally affordable when compared with other types of hardwood. Moreover,   they are available in many different grades and you can also go for a lower   grade that will be easily affordable and durable at the same time.
  • Hardness- When compared with other domestically used hardwoods,   maple is the hardest of them all. As far as the durability of maple hardwood   is considered, only hickory is more durable. As a matter of fact, many of you   might not know but the smooth bowling alleys are made from maple hardwoods.   Thus, you can easily understand that if the maple hardwood floors can   withstand the pounding of heavy bowling ball over and over again, they can   easily withstand minor damages at your home.
  • Attractive Color- The light color of maple hardwood with a slight   hue allows it to compliment every room and any interior. It can easily suit   any color and this allows you to experiment with your creativity and add a   unique look to your room.
  • Maintenance- Once the maple hardwood flooring is installed, the   next thing you need to think about is the cleaning. Maple floors can be   easily vacuumed or swept on a weekly basis followed by a mop with a mild   cleaning solution and water. This will ensure that your maple hardwood floor   retains its shiny appearance over a long period of time. Moreover, you should   buff the floor atleast two times in a year to maintain its   luster.

Cons of Maple Hardwood   Floors

  • Scratches- Maple floors have a very soft grain and this makes   them highly prone to scratches. Many-a-times, even the smallest of scratches   are easily visible on maple floors. You will be required to polish these   scratches with the help of a compound wax to eliminate these   scratches.
  • Finishing Stain- Maple floors can be difficult to stain, mostly   when you are looking for something in light color. The stain can sometimes   have small splotches at places that have heavier grain. However,   professionals can help you out in this matter.
  • Humidity- Maple hardwood floors move when there is a change in   humidity levels. Thus, if you live in a place where humidity fluctuates, you   will be required to purchase a humidifier.

Understand the above mentioned pros and cons of maple hardwood   floors before making a decision. Maple hardwood floors are an excellent   flooring option and with the right amount of maintenance, they surely can   retain their beautiful looks over a long period of time.