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Reasons you may use a floor covering

Reasons you may use a floor covering

A   floor covering can be made of many different types of materials to include   carpeting or pads, rugs, inlaid wooden runways, or plastic coverings. Floor   coverings can also be materials which are bonded directly onto the surface of   the flooring.


  • The primary use of any type of floor covering is for protection.   When a covering is bonded to the flooring material itself it becomes a part   of that floors molecular structure and adheres to the floor. It may be used   for the purpose of protecting the floor from damage and dirt, or to enhance   the looks of the floor. A very good example of this type of covering is floor   wax. Sometimes the covering will be added to the flooring during the   manufacturing process which is more often the case with laminate flooring.   When a covering is added this way the entire floor has to be replaced once it   wears off.
  • Carpet is a widely used floor covering but it is also a type of   flooring. It is more often than not used as flooring. It is used more in the   form of rugs and runners when it is used as a floor covering. Plastic runners   are also popular along with mats. These two types of covering are mainly used   to protect the floor from the damage of heavy foot traffic and ground in   dirt. These types of floor coverings are most often used in businesses where   the traffic is very heavy. Sometimes rugs and mats are just placed in one   spot as in right inside of the door because this is where most of the dirt   and grime will be left. Runners may be placed along one major lane of   traffic. I have seen floors and carpets where traffic will normally follow   one particular track. Sometimes over a period of time the track will become   discolored and cause the entire floor to look bad.

Choose a floor   covering:

The type of floor covering that you use will depend on what you   want to achieve in the area where you use it. I have seen businesses and even   homes use floor wax in conjunction with rugs and runners. The wax can be   applied to the entire floor to protect it but the rug or runner has the   purpose of protecting the most travelled part of the floor from premature   wear and dirtiness. Floor coverings will save you on maintenance costs of   your floor as well as on cleaning.

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